Art is how we decorate space, Music is how we decorate time

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2003 Compilations

            2002 DrB mixes

From the Top (19)
1 great track from each of 20 great 2003 albums

2003 samplers
(bits you might otherwise miss)

2003 1/3

   19 tracks I found from Jan-Apr of ’03
2003 2/3

   36 tracks (2 CDs) from May-Aug of the year

2003 3/3

   40 more (2 CDs) from Sep-Dec

From the Front Row
live tunes from the ether

The music share trilogy: (aka FU RIAA)
   Shot With A Popgun
   where the punishment fits the crime
   The Fabulous Sounds of the Criminal World
   celebrating ill-gotten gains
   Stare at the pariah
   detour through the gutter

Collected Spankings
Asylum Street Spankers hunted and gathered

21 memory-lapse tracks

All Dressed Up Like Elvis From Hell
The White Stripes Live

live collection 2000-2003

The Enchanting Wizard of Rhythm
Beck Live

live collection 1996-2002

A Raven’s Head and Rattler’s Tail
Calexico Live

live collection 1999-2002

All the songs