Art is how we decorate space, Music is how we decorate time

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2004 : L

01 Camper Van Beethoven (New Roman Times) – Discotheque CVB
02 Mooney Suzuki (Alive & Amplified) – Alive & Amplified
03 The Black Keys (Rubber Factory) – Girl Is On My Mind
04 The Ponys (Laced With Romance) – Looking Out a Mirror
05 The Operators (The Operators) – Indecision
06 American Hi-Fi (Hearts on Parade) – Separation Anxiety
07 Eagles of Death Metal (Peace Love Death Metal) – Stacks o’ Money
08 Drive-By Truckers (The Dirty South) – Lookout Mountain
09 Ludes (We Love You So Love Us Three) – Your Dog Don’t Bark
10 The Frames (Set List) – Pavement Tune (live)
11 The Pixies (Enjoy Every Sandwich: Songs of Warren Zevon) – Ain’t That Pretty At All
12 Comets on Fire (Blue Cathedral) – Pussy Footin’ The Duke
13 Velvet Crush (Stereo Blues) – Do What You Want
14 Elvis Costello (The Delivery Man) – Monkey To Man
15 Twilight Singers (She Loves You)What Makes You Think You’re the One (Fleetwood Mac)
16 Melys (Peel Session 07-20-04) – Casino El Camino (live)
17 The Delgados (Universal Audio) – Now & Forever
18 Bjork (Medulla) – Triumph Of A Heart