Art is how we decorate space, Music is how we decorate time

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2005 Compilations

            more DrB mixes : 1997-2000   2002   2003   2004

Live : 2004

   73 bands captured live in 2004
   6 discs, 88 tracks, 6.5+ hours, ordered chronologically

My middle names are right and wrong
   Luna Live
: a collection 1992-2002


   Same compulsion, different flavor

Sonicly Speaking

   not R, not T

G*D* : Blasphemous Behavior
   bloated with attitude

I (heart) Live Music
   without a net

Mmmmmmm – tasty
   a molten musical mouthfull

* * * DrBeeper is the new black * * *

  • Monochrome 1: Black
       the darkest pitch

  • Monochrome 2: Red
       hot, swollen and inflamed

  • Monochrome 3: White
       cool: to the touch

  • Monochrome 4: Blue
       feeling under the weather?

    Seven Apples on Saturday Night
       Some things you have to do every day.

    Live ’05: Jan to Mar
       18 snatched tracks from ’05. Chronologically.

    One eye in the sun, one in the night
       The Kills Live
    : ’04-’05

    Believing Is Art
       Spoon Live
    : ’04-’05

    You Don’t Knock
       14 hot covers from the Detroit Cobras

    I Couldn’t Help Being Mean
       the backroom of the bar strikes back

    Of Course, Iíve Had It In the Ear Before
       The sweetest sin?

    The Borrowed Muse
       Don’t know it? I’ll hum a few bars…

    All the songs

    –in progress–

    From the Bubblegum Machine
    culled, picked and pared from the fantastic
    bubblegum machine

    Queen Aretha