Art is how we decorate space, Music is how we decorate time

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2006 Compilations

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From the Top 2005 (aka ’19’)

   One track from each of DrB’s top 20 albums of 2005

Gamma, Gamma, Gamma, Hey

   82 Awesome 2005 tracks, in four volumes


Delta Ena
   A batch of 2006 top-tracks

The King of Detroit

   The Gories, Blacktop, The Screws, The Dirtbombs
   Mick Collins and the sound that rules the Motor City

Black is the color

   my true love’s hair-mourning-authority and power-
   my love’s eyes-shadows cast-hatred-night-secrecy and
   confusion-the clammy touch of a corpse’s hand-my true
   loveís beer


Delta Dio
   A second batch of 2006 tracks

On the One
   I can feel my heart a thumpin’ and a skippin’

I Played the Tune, You Dug the Beat
   A mighty, mighty love jones comin’ down on me


Delta Tria
   A third batch of 2006 tracks

A Pie Up In The Sky
   scrumdidliumptious covers set

All the songs

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