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Entries from October 25th, 2010

The work of true love is not a task for the faint of heart

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Another set of DrBeeper 2010 samplers:
3:45 of new music from 2010.
61 total tracks across 3 mixes (59 artists from 61 albums)

also with YouTube video companions for quick previewing
    Theta10-5              [download]

    Theta10-6              [download]

    Theta10-7              [download]


2007 : In the Dreamscape of Nightmares, Clues to Why We Dream at All


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moon jelly ballet underwater everyday

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DrBeeper mixes-gone-by
2003 : All Dressed Up Like Elvis From Hell
White Stripes live 2000-2003   [download]
2005 : I Couldn’t Help Being Mean   [download]


Eight Epic Failures of Regulating Cryptography – EFF
A Graphic Guide to Facebook Portraits – fastcompany
Improving Your Memory – helpguide

2004: The Art of Failure
2008: South Austin Jug [...]

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A Cousteau expedition to find a diamond at the bottom of the drain

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