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Entries from June 27th, 2012

you’re like a miniature Buddha, covered in hair

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The Scam Wall Street Learned From the Mafia – mtaibbi   rollingstone
Members of Congress trade in companies while making laws that affect those same firms – washingtonpost
A Loophole Big Enough to Lose a Billion – nytimes
A Cure for What Ails Us: It is not enough to encourage enterprise and limit regulation—we [...]

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hats cannot hold an infinite supply of rabbits

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Parent Health Care and Modern Medicine’s Obsession With Longevity – nymag
In Sitting Still, a Bench Press for the Brain – nytimes
Eureka! When a Blow to the Head Creates a Sudden Genius – theatlantic
Noise and Signal – farnamstreetblog
Aging video gamers change their habits – statesman
Build a Hovercraft With Your Kids [...]

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Space is the new bacon

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Jim White’s Tiny Desk Concert at NPR Music
Jim White – The Wound That Never Heals
Ty Segall – Standing at the Station
Mercury Rev – Car Wash Hair
The Heavy – How You Like Me Now?
The Black Keys – Gold On The Ceiling
Jim White – Infinite Mind


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physical violence is the least of my priorities

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JPMorgan fined for wash trades in oil, gasoline – reuters
Forum: How Markets Crowd Out Morals – bostonreview
SEC: Taking on Big Firms is ‘Tempting,’ But We Prefer Picking on Little Guys – mtaibbi   rollingstone
   Promises Made, and Remade, by Firms in S.E.C. Fraud Cases – nytimes   Nov, 2011
Wall Street [...]

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