Art is how we decorate space, Music is how we decorate time

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A DrBeeper mix : 2004 A

01 Phantom Planet (Phantom Planet)Big Brat
02 Von Bondies (Pawn Shoppe Heart) – The Fever
03 Mountain Goats (We Shall All Be Healed) – Palmcorder Yajna
04 Franz Ferdinand (Franz Ferdinand) – Cheating on You
05 The Walkmen (Bows and Arrows)The Rat
06 The Rocks (Everybody In The Place single) – I Won’t Need You When You’re Dead
07 Crystal Method (Legion of Boom)Born Too Slow
08 Down To The Bone (Cellar Funk) – You’re The Only Reason
09 Amel Larrieux (Bravebird) – All I Got
10 Boozoo Bajou (Acid Jazz v.85) – Under My Sensi
11 Stereolab (Margarine Eclipse)Bop Scotch
12 Get Up Kids (Guilt Show)Never Be Alone
13 Mr. T Experience (Yesterday Rules) – untitled
14 Air (Talkie Walkie) – Alpha Beta Gaga
15 Jack White (Peel Session 02-04-04) – Never Far Away
16 Norah Jones (with Doly Parton) (Feels Like Home) – Creepin’ In
17 VAST (Nude) – Thrown Away
18 90 Day Men (Panda Park) – Night Birds
19 The Statistics (Leave Your Name) – Accomplishment