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A DrBeeper mix : 2004 D

01 Loretta Lynn with Jack White (Van Lear Rose) – Portland, Oregon &nbsp http://www.youtube.com  http://www.youtube.com
02 Modest Mouse (Baron Von Bullshit Rides Again) – Doin’ the Cockroach (live) &nbsp http://www.youtube.com
03 Calexico (Convict Pool EP) – Corona [Minutemen] &nbsp http://www.youtube.com
04 Camera Obscura (Underachievers Please Try Harder) – Let Me Go Home &nbsp http://www.youtube.com
05 The Elected (Me First) – Waves
06 Electrelane (The Power Out) – You Make Me Weak At The Knees &nbsp http://www.youtube.com
07 Sufjan Stephens (Seven Swans) – A Good Man is Hard to Find &nbsp http://www.youtube.com
08 Nellie McKay (Live in Studio 4A 02-26-04) – Sari (live) &nbsp http://www.youtube.com
09 Ken Webb (Yes of Course!) – Didn’t We Baby? &nbsp http://www.youtube.com
10 Ben Kweller (On My Way) – Down
11 onelinedrawing (Volunteers) – Over It &nbsp http://www.youtube.com
12 Of Montreal (Satanic Panic In the Attic) – Vegan in Furs &nbsp http://www.youtube.com
13 !!! (Louden Up Now) – Shitscheissemerde (Part 2)
14 Prince (Musicology) – Cinnamon Girl
15 The Venice Four with Rose Stone (The Ladykillers OST) – Let Your Light Shine on Me &nbsp http://www.youtube.com
16 D-Cyde (The Purple Album) – Encore
17 Skeewiff (One Sample Short of a Lawsuit EP) – O Skeewiff Where Art Thou?

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