Art is how we decorate space, Music is how we decorate time

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A DrBeeper mix : 2004 I

01 Washington Social Club (Catching Looks) – Backed to the Future
02 The Tragically Hip (In Between Evolution) – The Heart of the Melt
03 The Faint (Wet From Birth) – Drop Kick The Punks
04 The Libertines (The Libertines) – Music When The Lights Go Out
05 Modest Mouse (The Moon and Antarctica) – Tiny Cities Made Of Ashes (BBC Radio 1 Session)
06 Mr. Airplane Man (Peel session 7/21) – Black Cat Bone (live)
07 Spoon (spoontheband.com) – I Summon You (demo)
08 Jim White (Drill A Hole…) – Static on the Radio
09 Always the Runner (Always the Runner EP) – Telling Lies Over Lattes
10 The Killers (Hot Fuss) – Glamorous Indie Rock And Roll
11 The Divine Comedy (Absent Friends) – The Happy Goth
12 Brian Eno (Before and After Science) – King’s Lead Hat
13 All Night Radio (Spirit Stereo Frequency) – Sad K.
14 Breezy Porticos (Keep it Crisp) – Throwing Bees
15 The Davenports (Hi-Tech Lowlife) – Hi-Tech Lowlife
16 Charlotte Hatherley (Grey Will Fade) – Summer
17 The Cure (The Cure) – Alt.end
18 Frank Black Francis & Two Pale Boys (Frank Black Francis & Two Pale Boys) – Holiday Song
19 Barbara Manning & the Go-Luckys (Perverted by Mark E.) – Paint Work
20 Aeroc (Viscous Solid) – Blue Eyed Bitter