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Batting Statistics Formulae

AB   	At Bats            		= PA - BB - SF

1B   	Singles             		= H - 2B - 3B - HR

TB   	Total Bases         		= H + 2B + (2 x 3B) + (3 x HR) + BB

SLG  	Slugging Percentage 	= TB / AB

OBP  	On-Base Percentage  	= (H + BB + FC) / (AB + BB + SF)

OPS	On-base Plus Slugging	= OBP + SLG
BA   	Batting Average     		= H / AB

RC   	Runs Created		= ((H + BB) x TB) / (AB + BB)

TA   	Total Average    		= (TB +BB) / (AB - H + DP)

PP	Pure Power		= SLG - BA

RISP	Runners in Scoring Pos.	= (H + BB + SF)/AB

FC 	Fielders Choice.  A runner is forced out on the bases.

3rd	Number of times making 3rd out in inning.

GWI	Game Winning RBI.  The run that puts us ahead for good.

OBP+    Adjusted OBP            = 100*(OBP/teamOBP)

SLG+    Adjusted SLG            = 100*(SLG/teamSLG)

OPS+    Adjusted OPS            = 100*((OBP/teamOBP)+(SLG/teamSLG)-1)

PA	Plate Appearances
R	Runs
H 	Hits
2B 	Doubles
3B  	Triples
HR 	Home Runs
BB 	Walks
SO	Strike Out
SF	Sacrifice Fly
DP	Douple Play hit into
RBI	Runs Batted In

DJ’s rationales for:

All stats: I don’t want to be the one to deal with arguments, so for everything I err toward inflating the stats. If someone want to become the ‘official scorer’ and deal with it, I’m all for it.

Hits: If there’s no out on the play, then it’s a hit. We could use “reached-on-error” instead of “hit”. It’s sure a lot simpler this way.

OBP: I include FC in OBP for a few reasons. 1) inflates the number, 2) encourages ground balls instead of fly balls. I think we’d all like to see more ground outs than fly outs. 3) I really think it belongs here (even in MLB). When computing a players value relative to runs scored, it makes sense to get credit for being on base, even if another player is forced. This is a VERY arguable point.

TB: Per some complaints, BB is now included in TB (thus the TB+ you see sometimes). Since this is a somewhat manual process, all the stats related to TB may not be quite correct. Tough. FC is not included, although there could certainly an argument for it.

RISP: “good things” count as a ‘RISP hit’, bad things don’t. So Hits, Walks and Sac Flies count as “good”. Outs and Fielders Choice count as “bad”. I know this is opposite my logic for OBP, but I’m one confused boy.