Art is how we decorate space, Music is how we decorate time

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01 An Area Stoner Has A Mind Blowing Out Of Cheetos Experience
       from The Onion Radio News

02 BeckMTV Makes Me Wanna Smoke Crack   http://www.youtube.com
       from MTV Makes Me Wanna Smoke Crack split 7″

03 Asylum Street SpankersWake and Bake   http://www.youtube.com
       from Spanker Madness

04 The Beatles- Tomorrow Never Knows   http://www.youtube.com
       from Revolver

05 Asylum Street Spankers- Beer   http://www.youtube.com
       from Spanker Madness

06 Reverend Horton Heat- Marijuana   http://www.youtube.com
       from Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em

07 Queens of the Stone Age- Feel Good Hit Of The Summer   http://www.youtube.com  http://www.youtube.com
       from Rated R

08 Aerosmith- Reefer Head Woman   http://www.youtube.com
       from Nightclubbing

09 Reverend Horton Heat- Sue Jack Daniels   
       from Spend a Night in the Box

10 Beck - Alcohol   http://www.youtube.com
       from Loser CD single

11 Johnny Cash - Cocaine Blues   
       from At Folsom Prison

12 Velvet Underground - Heroin   http://www.youtube.com
       from The Velvet Underground & Nico

13 Rolling Stones - Mother’s Little Helper   
       from Flowers

14 Tom Waits - The Piano Has Been Drinking (Not Me)   http://www.youtube.com
       from Small Change

15 New Pornographers - The Slow Descent Into Alcoholism   http://www.youtube.com  http://www.youtube.com
       from Mass Romantic

16 The Minus 5 - The Days Of Wine And Booze   
       from Down With Wilco

17 Beck - Fume   
       from Golden Leftovers

18 Asylum Street Spankers - Gettin’ High   http://www.youtube.com
       from Spanker Madness

19 Curtis Mayfield - Pusherman   http://www.youtube.com
       from Superfly

20 Kid Loco - Three Feet High Reefer   
       from Kill Your Darlings

21 Cujo - Fat A.J.   
       from Adventures in Foam

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posted 04/20/09
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