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new music – 2009

A.C. Newman – Get Guilty : nothing earth-shattering, but a solid, shiny, powerpop outing
Andrew Bird – Noble Beast : fabulously complex and engaging – awesome!
Animal Collective – Merriweathpeer Post Pavillion : still weird as hell, now much more accessible (better? maybe not)
The Appleseed Cast – Sagarmatha : occasionally interesting gauze-y post-rock
Asobi Seksu – Hush : sweet-sounding shoegauze soundscapes
Beirut/RealPeople – March of the Zapotec/Holland : interesting/uber-crappy
Ben Kweller – Changing Horses : simple country tunes, occasionally interesting
The Bird and the Bee – Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future : delightful and clever pop, completely unmemorable
Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele – The Good Feeling Music of Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele : cute
Franz Ferdinand – Tonight : spurns buzzing guitars for programmed beats – may be popular but it’s not good

The Fray – The Fray : terrible imitation of a terrible ‘scene’ (Coldplay)
Glaze of Cathexis – Cloud Machine : mildly derivative, yet inventive, psych-rock
The Gourds – Haymaker : underwhelming juke-joint-country
The Lonely Island – Incredibad : whatev’s
M. Ward – Hold Time : low-key, mellow/slacker indie rock – a grower
Matt & Kim – Grand : sweet, if sterile, indie-pop
Nashville Pussy – From Hell To Texas : mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging southern-fried cock rock
Soundtrack Of Our Lives – Communion : 24 hours of classic rock
The Vertigo Swirl – The Vertigo Swirl : great throwback psychedelic rock
The Von Bondies – Love, Hate And Then There’s You : bleck

Willie Nelson and Asleep at the Wheel – Willie and the Wheel : fine, if kitchy, texas swing
Ben Lee – The Rebirth Of Venus : a few interesting sweet-pop gems, mostly cloying nonsense
Boston Spaceships – Planets Are Blasted : more classic R. Pollard, usual question: too much?
Clem Snide – Hungry Bird : fun, if dry, collection of CS tracks
Decemberists – The Hazards Of Love : an honest-to-god, listen-all-the-way-through album!!
The Flairs – Sweat Symphony : mostly pointless, with a few soaringly high points
The Handsome Family – Honey Moon : classic country-Americana, throwback-AM-radio style
John Frusciante – The Empyrean : decent I suppose, but so damn noodle-y (and i expected what?)
Loney Dear – Dear John : elegant yet simple pop, at times overly sleepy
Neko Case – Middle Cyclone : she could sing the phonebook beautifully

Radio Moscow – Brain Cycles : classic rock – riffs, solos, breakdowns and all
U2 – No Line On The Horizon : why bother?
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – It’s Blitz! : call a cop, somebody stole the rock. The new Blondie?
Asobi Seksu – Acoustic at Olympic Studios : fine, but I NEED the big guitar feedback
Au Revoir Simone – Still Night, Still Light : lovely, lilting, adult synth-pop
Black Joe Lewis And The Honeybears – Tell ‘Em What Your Name Is! : classic rhythm and blues
Bob Mould – Life And Times : some decent tunes – sounds mechanical, and the autotune kills any warmth
Camera Obscura – My Maudlin Career : at times lyrically cloying, otherwise fun pop-indie-americana
The Coathangers – Scramble : skronky, screechy, female-fronted punk
The Death Letters – The Death Letters : heavily derivative (White Stripes, Black Keys, et al), still damn enjoyable

Hold Steady – A Positive Rage : excellent songs, played very well, live energy well translated
Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds – Dracula Boots : a one-trick pony, but it’s a very good trick
Magik Markers – Balf Quarry : noise-psych; with: some songs, some blues, some rock
Metric – Fantasies : glossy pop-new wave-rock-indie, full of hooks and big chorus’
Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head – Glistening Pleasure : rock tinged electro-pop – crap
Patrick Watson – Wooden Arms : mediocre Andrew Bird imitation
Pink Mountaintops – Outside Love : “trippy country meets stoner rock” (amg) is a good description
Pontiak – Maker : FOUL: excessive stoner riffage – not bad tho
Prince – LOtUSFLOW3R : tolerable half-assed rock
Prince – MPLSoUnd : ungodly awful at points, almost-listenable at others

Red Light Company – Fine Fascination : harmless, nice, arena-pop : repeated exposure=headache
Silversun Pickups – Swoon : perfectly fine SSP album, nothing terribly compelling tho
The Smoke – Orange Blood : very uneven, but fun with some soaring highs
Steve Earle – Townes : nice cover collection – good for a long drive
Wentworth Kersey – O : excellent, excellent, excellent: simple, psych-folk-s/s joy
White Rabbits – It’s Frightening : awesome- complex drums patterns, catchy chorus’, plenty of ‘space’
Wooden Shjips – Dos : awesome psychedelic-fuzz minimalist garage rock
The Alice Rose – All Haunts Sound : odd but unmemorable adult-pop
And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead – The Century of Self : soooo self-indulgent; fun in doses (with?)
The Anomalies – Free Soup Social : bratty, fun, Brit rock+hip-hop

Apostle of Hustle – Eats Darkness : moments of genius, moments of pap : overall enjoyable
The Bavarian Druglords – 205 : awesome; dubby psychedelic minimal rock; awesome
Black Lips – 200 Million Thousand : mmmmeh. I do not get the hype…
Black Moth Super Rainbow – Eating Us : FREAKy vocoder psych-rock-electro-pop
Blank Dogs – Under And Under : very interesting/unique lo-fi post-punk dance-rock
Bleeding Heart Narrative – This Octopus Is Going To Eat Your Face : wtf?? classical drone??
Casper And The Cookies – Modern Silence : the pop bits are great, else = wtf?
Crocodiles – Summer Of Hate : fuzz-infected psych-tinged blues-rock; great high points, overall uneven
Damwell Betters – Coming In Hot : almost interesting, silly dirty lyrics
Dog Day – Concentration : comfortingly classic-indie, saturated in pop goodness

Doll And The Kicks – Doll And The Kicks : saucy pop-rock (Garbage-lite?); excellent vocals, middling tunes
Dolly Rocker Movement – Our Days Mind The Tyme : fairly excellent, complex 60’s psych-pop
The Enemy – Music For The People : big effort, meager output arena rock
The Fresh & Onlys – The Fresh & Onlys : psychedelic garage rock – not too fanciful, not too drone. Nice
Graham Coxon – The Spinning Top : interesting acoustic-folk, veering dangerously into adult-songwriter territory
Hands And Knees – Et Tu Fluffy : fun, adventurous, and mildly interesting
Hexlove – Pija z Bogiem : REALLY strange pop; poly-rhythms, industrial crashes, no-tune yelping, etc.
Intelligence – Crepuscule With Pacman : very, very lo-fi broken pop songs
Invisible Cities – Houses Shine Like Teeth : nothing earthshaking, but very fun and easy to listen to
John Foxx and Robin Guthrie – Mirrorball : operatic new age?

The Kingsbury Manx – Ascenseur Ouvert! : very fun, bouncy, symphonic indie-pop
Kyte – Science For The Living : interesting soundscape-electro-pop; a bit too un-dynamic for me
The Legends – Over And Over : noisy, noisy, feedback-drenched 60’s-esque pop
Man Like Me – Man Like Me : synth-based afrobeat-latin-cuban beats; oh-so-Brit; zzzz
Meanderthals – Desire Lines : well: “blend of dub, folk, prog, kraut, psychedelia and 70s west-coast”
The Music Lovers – Masculine Feminine : trying sooo hard to be hip and poignant – and not making it
Obits – I Blame You : straight rock & roll, very fun
The Resignators – Offbeat Time : middling ska-punk
Settle – At Home We Are Tourists : mildly anthemic modern-rock, mildly interesting
Sonic Youth – The Eternal : best SY album in years (Goo?); a return of the awesome chiming noisy guitars

Thee Oh Sees – Help : noisy, 60’s-influenced, surf-garage-rock
TwinSisterMoon – The Hollow Mountain : uber-arty ambient/noise/folk-rock, a touch too precious for me…
The Vandelles – Del Black Aloha : grainy, noisy, drenched in reverb and fuzz pop songs
Vietnam Veterans (as The Gitanes) – Strange Girl : dark, moody, goth-inflected, psych-rock – very weird
Viva Voce – Rose City : tight but friendly, straightforward indie-rock (with love, awww)
We Were Promised Jetpacks – These Four Walls : thoroughly modern Scottish indie rock
Wheels on Fire – Get Famous! : gritty, grimy, Stones-y blues-rock, w/ plenty of lo-fi fuzz
Yppah – They Know What Ghost Know : somewhere between Ninja Tune lounge hip-hop and post rock instrumentalism
All Smiles – Oh, For The Getting And Not Letting Go : muted, bland, upbeat-pop minimalism (sorta like a soft-core E6 band)
Amazing Baby – Rewild : a few great mid-tempo rockers

Arctic Monkeys – Live in Austin (At The Apollo DVD bonus disc) : fun document of a fun live band
Ben Harper and Relentless7 – White Lies For Dark Times : punishingly boring, without lyrics it could be passable
Bill Callahan – Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle : awesome voice and style; (too dark/bleak?)
Candy Claws – In the Dream Of the Sea Life : interesting ambient-pop outing; a tough genre to be compelling within…
Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse – Dark Night Of The Soul : interesting, adventurous, sprawling rock fun
The Daredevil Christopher Wright – In Deference To A Broken Back : extremely well done pop-folk-psych
Flakes – Lick Your Fingers If You Like It : at-times-interesting punky art-rock
Franz Ferdinand – Blood : fun background party tunez – better than the album proper
God Help The Girl – God Help The Girl : delightfully lush classic pop
Great Lake Swimmers – Lost Channel : well produced, with a tangible warmth; also, boring as fuck

Green Day – 21st Century Breakdown : great, but not quite to the heights of American Idiot; a touch too much Bon Jovi-esque ballads
Harlem Shakes – Technicolor Health : fun, modern, pop-rock
Hopewell – Good Good Desperation : anthemic, epic-style, psych-rock
Howlies – Trippin’ With Howlies : (sometimes) awesome 60′-surf-sytle rockers
Little Birdy – Confetti : throwaway pop; i’m sure someone loves this – not me.
Loxsly – Tomorrows Fossils : adventurous=good, needless meandering=bad; this album is right in the middle
Manchester Orchestra – Mean Everything To Nothing : good high points, overall a bit eh
Manic Street Preachers – Journal for Plague Lovers : sad story; dull-to-decent album
Meat Puppets – Sewn Together : damn good; classic MP sound = punk+country+psychedelic rock
The Moog – Razzmatazz Orfeum : everything awful about the current rock scene, in one turd

Noisettes – Wild Young Hearts : …replaced by mall-pop automatons
Oh No Ono – Eggs : tripped-out upbeat pop with a fun ‘arty’ edge
Other Girls – Perfect Cities : simple, well done, fun rock-n-roll
Pawa Up First – The Outcome : somewhat different flava of post-rock instrumentals
Peaches – I Feel Cream : electroclash dance party tunez – maddeningly great
Pilot Speed – Wooden Bones : soundtrack for a crappy teen TV movie?; rips off coldplay/u2/keane/etc
PJ Harvey and John Parish – A Woman A Man Walked By : a wild, sytlistic tour-de-force; so darn serious
Riverboat Gamblers – Underneath The Owl : fun rum-punch-in-the-gut party-time punk/pop
Son Volt – American Central Dust : mellow, dusty, loconic alt-country
The Stolen Minks – High Kicks : crunchy, scream-y, garage-punk-style indie rock; derivative fun

Super Furry Animals – Dark Days/Light Years : quite excellent
Tortoise – Beacons of Ancestorship : (kinda) interestingly experimental, but there’s no core to return to
Tosca – No Hassle : same-as-it-ever-was; chillout sofa-blazer downtempo
The Tragically Hip – We Are The Same : ho-hum
US3 – Stop.Think.Run : old skool style hip-hop/acid-jazz
Wilco – Wilco : interesting, well executed 70’s-style radio rock
Ganglians – Ganglians : noisy surf-infected lo-fi rockers
Amen Dunes – Dia : fairly uninspiring drone-folk
Better Than Ezra – Paper Empire : hook-filled sing-along pop tunes; standard BTE
The Brian Jacket Letdown – Darling Bit Me : way-too-precious pop songs (w/ bare few interesting ‘bits’)

Broken Promise Keeper – Ice Cold Pop : simple throwback pop-rock
Capsula – Rising Mountains : rolicking garage-rockers; from Argentina via Spain
Circulatory System – Signal Morning : messy and cluttered psychedelic pop; E6-flava is strongly present
Coconut Records – Davy : mildly-interesting, largely pedestrian, indie rock
The Curious Mystery – Rotting Slowly : smoky country-blues psychedelia, alternately laconic and churning
Deer Tick – Born on Flag Day : roadhouse-style country rock
The Delano Orchestra – Will Anyone Else Leave Me? : textured, quiet, mellow – defiantly un-fun…
Dinosaur Jr – Farm : solid, solid, solid
Ducktails – Ducktails : mostly instrumental ambient-psychedelic-surf-drone-pop
Eels – Hombre Lobo : very, very nice set of rock-pop gems

Elephant Stone – The Seven Seas : at times brilliant at others baffling: hindi-indie-rock
The Extraordinaires – Electric and Benevolent : very XTC-ish rock-n-roller, quite extraordi…
Federico Aubele – Amatoria : mildly sultry cafe jazz; mostly a big ol’ bore
Flunk – This Is What You Get : occasionaly interesting blip-trip-glitch downtempo electro-pop
Hiawata! – These Boys And This Band Is All I Know : fun, sing-song, indie-pop
His Hideous Heart – Only The Earth Can Make A Tree : maybe not ‘hideous’, but pretty close
Hoots And Hellmouth – The Holy Open Secret : hillbilly-gospel-revival-style americana
Icarus Himself – Coffins : basement-tape style psychfolksoul
Jarvis Cocker – Further Complications : a fun listen; jarvis is a hoot
Kinetic Stereokids – Kid Moves : crazily unfocused, wildly fun

Krikor and the Dead Hillbillies – Land of Truth : interestingly lo-fi/electro/rock/idm
Lee Fields & The Expressions – My World : JB/Stax-style soul/RnB vamps
Lemonheads – Varshons : all the best Dando songs are covers, no exception here
Lo Fidelity Allstars – Northern Stomp : big-beat electro-rock returns, with some pop songs included
The Lovely Feathers – Fantasy Of The Lot : throwaway indie jangle pop
The Loves – Three : super-fun 60s-style lite garage fuzz-rock
Lovetones – Dimensions : complexly fun psychedelic power-pop (from AUS)
Lucky Elephant – Star Sign Trampoline : delightfuly intriguing piano-driven pop gems
Lunch Money – Dizzy : middling kiddie pop; the 5yo does love it…
Melodium – Lullabies For Adults : fascinating electronic-pop, firmly rooted in ‘songs’

Nesey Gallons – Eyes & Eyes & Eyes Ago : filled with E6 delights (not all that inspiring)
New Roman Times – On The Sleeve : bombastic, chiming guitars lead 80’s-syle arena indie-rock; (pretty ho-hum)
Nouvelle Vague – NV3 : cutesie covers, nothing notable
Oneida – Rated O : electro-industrial post-rock?; desperately needs a filter
Phenomenal Handclap Band – The Phenomenal Handclap Band : funky-fly disco-pop flava
Pikelet – Not So Still : mildly interesting looping feat vocal snippets, acordian, percussion, etc…
The Pink Noise – Alpha : agitating lo-fi electro-rock
Pintandwefall – Hong Kong, Baby : mildly mischevous grrrrl-punk
Regular John – The Peaceful Atom Is A Bomb : decent whiskey-soaked classic rock (reminds a tad of DFA79)
Rumble Strips – Welcome To The Walk Alone : northern soul + orchestral ‘arena’ arangements; kinda flat…

Smith Westerns – Smith Westerns : awesome, super-lo-fi glam rockers
Starlight Mints – Change Remains : wacky indie-electro-rock, sometimes insanely catchy, sometimes too disco-y
Sunday Drivers – The End of Maiden Trip : semi-interesting pop from Spain, not much that grabs
Sunset Rubdown – Dragonslayer : complex-yet-straightforward lightly-anthemic psych-rock
VAST – Me and You : solid addition the the VAST canon; needs more rock…
Ganglians – Monster Head Room LP (and 7″) : very lo-fi (bad encode?) but chock full of surf-inflected pop fun
Alcoholic Faith Mission – 421 Wythe Avenue : at-times-interesting indie-folk-electronica
Big Blood – Already Gone I : freaky, folky weirdness; better than tolerable?
Birds of Avalon – Uncanny Valley : at-times-awesome rock freakout adventures; solid throughout; one to watch
Brian Glaze – Green Living : interestingly diverse; overall a bit dull

The Checks – Alice By The Moon : straight-ahead rock; nothing much to see, really…
Cherry Choke – Cherry Choke : cheap knuckledragging 70s riff-rock action
Circus Devils – Gringo : acoustic-based pop-rock songs; all hail R Pollard
Cosmos – Jar Of Jam Ton Of Bricks : another R Pollard semi-gem
Dead Weather – Horehound : the spirit is strong, the tunes are less so
Duckworth Lewis Method – The Duckworth Lewis Method : very fun pop album, about Cricket. really.
Fiery Furnaces – I’m Going Away : awesomely innovative, creative and (as ever) strange
The Films – Oh, Scorpio : perhaps underdeveloped, but the T-Rex comparisons bode very well; one to watch…
Gary War – Horribles Parade : crazily psychedelic synth-rock; am I not smart enough to figure this out?
Grizzly Bear – Veckatimest : expertly composed, orchestrated and executed – but oh-so serious and precious

Ha Ha Tonka – Novel Sounds Of The Nouveau South : old school Southern-roots-rock
JJ – JJ No 2 : “Indie-pop goes electro-tropical”; quite interesting
Lord Mandrake – The Best of All Possible Worlds : soulful folk-rock melded with psychedelic textures
Magnolia Electric Co – Josephine : true-to-form: boring-as-hell
One Hundred Hurricanes – 60 Years Under The Stars : think ‘The Strokes’; catchy Brit-pop influenced rock songs
Pete Yorn – Back & Fourth : sincere, straightforward, pop-rock; perfectly beige
Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix : a fun and thoroughly enjoyable modern dance album
Portugal, The Man – The Satanic Satanist : backing off the harder rock edge; a fun adventure
Secret Powers – Secret Powers and the Electric Family Choir : fun retro-pop genre hopping adventure; ‘Podcast’ interludes are suck
Soft Black – The Earth Is Black : interesting, sleepy, indie-folk/country with a mild ‘rocker’ edge

St. Vincent – Actor : a superb creation, deep and light together; (creepy?)
Swan Lake – Enemy Mine : multi-faceted weirdo-pop supergroup
Those Darlins – Those Darlins : drunken-barroom-style old-skool country (with some (s)punk)
The Warlocks – The Mirror Explodes : well done psychedelic drone-rock, with a haunting darkness
Wavves – Wavvves : delightful jet-engine-feedback pop songs
White Denim – Fits : blues, soul, funk, punk, rawk, etc – all in one grimy, slimy, awesome package
Wolves in the Attic – Electronic Hearts : astonishingly awesome, at times…
Arctic Monkeys – Humbug : interesting, but lacking that A.M. zing
Beat Strings – Fang In Rain : screeching falsetto vocals kill the otherwise decent songs
The Big Pink – A Brief History of Love : a bombastic genre-buster (electro-rock-folk-funk); fun

Box Elders – Alice & Friends : bouyant and bouncy 60’s-era lo-fi pop; like a less-insane Black Lips
Brendan Benson – My Old Familiar Friend : fun, interesting, well-constructed rock tunes
Cola Jet Set – Guitarras y Tambores : amusing, light pop en Espanol
Fate Lions – Good Enough For You : classic, light, jangle-pop (think: Smithereens)
Girls – Album : summery surf-inflected tunes wrapped up in a lo-fi blanket
Heat-Ray – Loveallover : white-hot, sporatically brilliant, derivative rock
Hope Sandoval And The Warm Inventions – Through The Devil Softly : a few slightly different flavors of the same-old dream pop; still awesome vocals
Marmoset – Tea Tornado : 60’s-esque slacker-rock; flashback-y fun
Phantogram – Eyelid Movies : “a culmination of unique street beat rhythms, and psychedelic melodies”
Six Organs Of Admittance – Luminous Night : brilliant psych-folk guitar; sadly boring

Sorcerer – Neon Leon : fun, breezy neo-disco beats with sun-kissed acoustics
The Sunday Reeds – Drowning In History : fuzzy, buzzy 60’s retro pop-rock
Surrogate – Popular Mechanics : mildly interesting indie-pop
Talbot Tagora – Lessons In The Woods Or A City : crazily skittish art-rock
Throw Me The Statue – Creaturesque : excellent PacNW indie-pop
Trainwreck Riders – The Perch : fun, benign, indie-rock+cowpunk
Vivian Girls – Everything Goes Wrong : gritty lo-fi rock/pop; somewhat lost in a sea of similar releases
Why? – Eskimo Snow : less ‘rap’, more languid folk-rock; awesome lyrics, natch
Wye Oak – The Knot : nice quiet-loud-quiet style, good tunez
Yo La Tengo – Popular Songs : a good one from YLT; nice quiet-pop married to noise

The Yolks – The Yolks LP I : rock songs – simple chords, simple lyrics, simply awesome!
Athlete – Black Swan : boring boring boring
BLK JKS – After Robots : awesome pan-global post-punk extravaganza
Black Crowes – Before The Frost : uninspired classic/southern rock
Bye Bye Bicycle – Compass : grating 80’s melodic rock
The Dodos – Time To Die : reaching, complex freak-folk; occasionally interesting
Ducktails – Landscapes : awesomely executed psych-ambient-fuzz-pop
Eight Legs – The Electric Kool-Aid Cuckoo Nest : brit-style psych-pop; terrifyingly uneven
Fruit Bats – Ruminant Band : adventurous, understated, and quirky country-indie-folk-rock
Get Back Guinozzi – Carpet Madness : kooky pop; not very engaging…

Grass Widow – Grass Widow : harmonies, jangle and noise; one to watch
Imogen Heap – Ellipse : perhaps: soothing, sultry, gorgeous, baby; definitely: boring
Jet – Shaka Rock : If they’re going for blah, they nailed it
Joe Pernice – It Feels So Good When I Stop : interesting cover collection
Jordie Lane – Sleeping Patterns : Decent alt-americana, from AUS?; sooo serious
The Love Language – The Love Language : delightfully jangly lo-fi pop
Low Fidelity Jet Set Orchestra – Studio Works : funky med-bpm jazzy electronica
Matisyahu – Light : some fun reggae-lite (r&b, etc); don’t look close, there’s nothing there
Meth Teeth – Everything Went Wrong : noisy lo-fi drugged garage-pop; (Woodsist)
The Mountain Goats – The Life Of The World To Come : poignant lyrics, smooth yet confounding music; classic Darnelle…

Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson – Break Up : interesting, lightweight, pop coupling
Portugal, the Man – The Majestic Majesty : mildly interesting acoustic twin of T S S
Reigning Sound – Love and Curses : straightforward garage-rock; too much ballad
Reverend Horton Heat – Laughin’ & Cryin’ With The Reverend Horton Heat : has it become kitsch?
Sondre Lerche – Heartbeat Radio : slick orchestral pop; too slick
Soulsavers – Broken : dark, sensuous, expansive rock w/ the voice!
Tom Allalone And the 78s – Major Sins Pt. 1 : (overly?) ambitious style-changes – me likey the rockabilly pieces…
A.A. Bondy – When the Devil’s Loose : calm and cool darkness-lurks signer-songwriter
Atlas Sound – Logos : excellently complex atmospherics
Avett Brothers – I And Love And You : thoroughly enjoyable anthemic americana

Black Heart Procession – Six : grimly gothic rock soundscapes; effective if a tad dull
Church – Song Force Crystal : noisy and chaotic art-rock; one to watch?
The Cribs – Ignore The Ignorant : angular brit indie-rock; fun!
Cross Canadian Ragweed – Happiness and All the Other Things : at times raucus southern-rock, other times boring as death
Flight Of The Conchords – I Told You I Was Freaky : heh
Kurt Vile – Childish Prodigy : uber-cool psych-pop freakouts
Lou Barlow – Goodnight Unknown : interesting/charming as ever; comes off a tad flat
Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs – Under The Covers Vol. 2 : fun, if straight, 70’s AOR covers
Micah P Hinson – All Dressed Up And Smelling Of Strangers : impressively too serious
Muse – The Resistance : hysterically overblown arena rock-apade

Music Go Music – Expressions : occasionally brilliant 70’s-radio-style disco pop (think ABBA, ELO, …)
Or, The Whale – Or, The Whale : (bland) indie-americana
The Parasails – Skylife : swirling, mildly-psychedelic ambient instrumentals
Pearl Jam – Backspacer : rockin’ good fun
Port O’Brien – Threadbare : anthemic acoustic folk-rock-ness
Sea Wolf – White Water, White Bloom : Arcade Fire-y symphonic s/s pop; less was better…
Still Flyin’ – Never Gonna Touch The Ground : groovy, fun, blissed out indie-reggae/dub
Still Life Still – Girls Come Too : mildly infectious, chaotically sprawling indie-pop
Tinted Windows – Tinted Windows : fizzy power-pop; more Cheap Trick than Hansen
Willie Nelson – American Classic : only with Willy do I feel bad about ‘the free’…given the IRS probs; I can relate.

Willie Nelson – Naked Willie : Awesome de-produced versions!
Air – Love 2 : light, dubby chill muzak
The Almighty Defenders – The Almighty Defenders : unholy alliance churns out Nuggets-inspired garage pop-rock; KKBBQ-ish stuff iz awesum
AM – Future Sons & Daughters : milquetoast AM-radio-pablum; a few fun throwback feelings arise…
Amy Millan – Masters of the Burial : adult-contemporary pablum; i’m sure someone loves it – not me
Built To Spill – There Is No Enemy : perfectly decent sprawling BTS outing
Chris Isaak – Mr. Lucky : retro-pop/rockabilly/crooning ala Roy Orbison
Cougar – Patriot : scattershot post-rock via Ninja Tune; quite enjoyable!
Daniel Johnston – Is and Always Was : i haz mixed feelings; over-produced pop rekid, or heartfelt DJ songs?
DJ Cam Presents InLove – Stories : pretty darn bland…

The Ettes – Do You Want Power : rolicking fun; over-production leaves it flat
Flaming Lips – Embryonic : very chaotic psychedelic rock; not for the faint of heart
The Gris Gris – Live at the Creamery : fun live document of psych-freaks
Harlem – Free Drugs : short and sweet garage rockers
Hockey – Mind Chaos : very fun, rolicking mildly-dance-ish rock tunez; MGMT-ish
Islands – Vapours : fun, quirky pop; moving closer to Of Montreal territory
Kings Of Convenience – Declaration Of Dependence : impressively robust in it’s boringness
The Mantles – The Mantles : another great SF entry in the modern-psych-rock canon
P.S. Eliot – Introverted Romance In Our Troubled Minds : fun, lighthearted, indie-rock
Pink Martini – Splendor In The Grass : delightful multi-lingual contemporary lounge-pop

The Raveonettes – In and Out of Control : over-thought and under-rocked
The Spits – Vol. IV : Ramone’s-ish punk
Thomas Function – In The Valley Of Sickness : amusingly unhinged rock-and-roll, with a swinging-jangly edge
Turbo Fruits – Echo Kid : fun garage-punkers
Waines – Stu : awesomely outstanding blues-rock ragers (via Italy)
Washed Out – High Times : hazy, washed out (ahem), electro-pop
Wolfmother – Cosmic Egg : largely a huge bore, with some fun high-points
DJ Cam Quartet – Diggin’ : at-times-great downtempo; at-other-times cloying and vapid
Baseball Furies – Throw Them To The Lions : loosely-controlled rip-snort garage punk; great fun
Bill Orcutt – A New Way To Pay Old Debts LP : holy wtf – with noodling

Broadcast – Mother Is the MIlky Way : weird cut-up space-pop; uninteresting
Christmas Island – Blackout Summer : 60’s-ish surf pop; lo-fi natch
Cobra Killer – Uppers and Downers : electro-pop/rock chaos, with plenty of craziness; exceptionally uneven
Drummer – Feel Good Together : quite fun indie rock
Espers – III : strangely haunting, claustrophobic; neo-psych folk-rock; very weird but interesting
The Grass – Rogue Waves : fun 70’s rock with a psych bent
Hard Drugs – Hard Drugs : “alt-country opera” sounds ridiculous, but it works to great affect
Heavy Trash – Midnight Soul Serenade : fun, energetic shtick, inventive enough to cut the cliche
Inara George – Accidental Experimental : sweetly sung indie-art-pop
Japandroids – Post-Nothing : punky, long-form noise-pop

Johnny Foreigner – Grace And The Bigger Picture : jittery and manic art-pop/punk; overly shouty
Julian Casablancas – Phrazes For The Young : occasionally fun when kept to simple pop-rock tracks; else adventurous stinkiness
King Khan & BBQ Show – Invisible Girl : crazed garage rock/do-wop insanity; tastebuds is officially “too far”
Lake – Let’s Build a Roof : richly textured indie pop; interesting, complicated rhythms make a fun chill
Little Girls – Concepts
Lucero – 1372 Overton Park : classic American rock!
Lymbyc Systym – Shutter Release : concise post-rock instrumentals; ho-hum
Mark Eitzel – Klamath : more like AMC, which is good for me…
The Micragirls – Wild Girl Walk : exciting, raw 60’s-shaped rock with a rockabilly influence; full of fun
Mondo Drag – Holy Spirit : deep crunchy blues-rock with a nice dark 60’s psych feel; mostly instrumental

Nellie McKay – Normal as Blueberry Pie _ A Tribute to Doris Day
Norfolk & Western – Dinero Severo : laid-back indie-rock with a slinky folk underbelly
Pg.Lost – In Never Out : standard issue (aka ‘boring’) post-rock/prog
Piano Magic – Ovations : v complex rhythms and textures; coldwave
Royal Bangs – Let It Beep : This album is great/grate – the highs are SO high; combo of rock guitar and electro bleeps
Ryuichi Sakamoto – Playing the Piano : COMPLEX structures, rhythms, melodies – best I can decipher it’s pretty great
Seasick Steve – Man From Another Time : organic, warm, simple blues tunez; dodgy encoding
Sleepy Sun – Embrace : moody psychedelic rock; a bit “sleepy”
Surfer Blood – Astro Coast : clean, crisp, reverbed indie-rock with some great rhythmic textures underneath the fuzz-guitar
Tegan & Sara – Sainthood : fun, smart and snappy (adult-)indie-pop

The Slew – 100% : a big, bombastic marriage of rock guitar and turntablism
Tutankamon – Tutankamon : fun Swedish-pop-tasia
Velvet Davenport – Lemon Drop Square Box : a drop down into a kaleidoscopic 60’s psychedelia hole
Weezer – Raditude : fun, at times; not enough of the ‘times’
iji – In Celebration : weirdo indie-pop
Asylum Street Spankers – God’s Favorite Band : mixed bag of gospel-influenced tunes; all Spankers is good Spankers
Big Strides – Super Custom Limited : intriguing funk-rock-soul; think “4pts G-Love, 2pts Soul Coughing, 1 pt Dizzee Rascal”
BlakRoc – BlakRoc : occasionally interesting
Dark Meat – Truce Opium : freakout psych-rock adventures
The Dodoz – The Dodoz : middling indie-pop/rock via FRA

Eating Pebble – The Knive Show : promising bouncy pop; over-long, it begins to grate and annoy
Fiery Furnaces – Take Me Round Again
Fungi Girls – Seafaring Pyramids : crazy melange of indie-rock sounds and textures; a bit of a car wreck, but promising
Gemma Ray – Lights Out Zoltar! : clean crisp classic pop, with a great sonic variety; excellently executed
Imaad Wasif – The Voidist
Jacuzzi Boys – No Seasons
Lyle Lovett – Natural Forces : a bit drab overall, but highlights some solid Lyle-isms
The Matt Kurz One – Debt Sounds : solid bash-it-out garage rockers; 1-man band live…
Nine Black Alps – Locked Out From The Inside : “angsty grunge rock” ’bout sounds right
The Rakes – Klang : angular, edgy modern-rock; a slow burn-er, but there are great reasons to keep at it

Real Estate – Real Estate : super-fun jangly surf-pop; quite great, if still a touch raw
Sam Paglia – Electric Happiness : fun bossa-funk-jazz-pop; tight-roping the “cheese” line
Spiral Stairs – The Real Feel : great sounding, a mixed bag of ‘songs’ tho
Them Crooked Vultures – Them Crooked Vultures : as expected, fun classic rock…
Tom Waits – Glitter and Doom Live : full-force skronk and bustle; classic “Tom’s Tales” bonus track
Track A Tiger – I Felt The Bullet Hit My Heart
Wetdog – Frauhaus : clever post-punk rhythm driven oddities
White Flight – White Ark : mildly interesting electro glitch-pop
Whitley – Go Forth Find Mammoth : shiny, schoolboy, home-studio alterna-pop; lyrically a big ol’ mess
Wizzard Sleeve – Make The World Go Away : tremedously overwrought “death-punk”; the lyrics are probably not supposed to be funny



Jenny Lewis – World Cafe, WXPN, Philadelphia PA 01-10
Whigs – 40 Watt Club, Athens GA 01-15
Greg Dulli & Mark Lanegan – Oran Mor, Glasgow 01-15
Glasvegas – Live In Session, KCRW FM 01-16
Gutter Twins – Union Chapel, London UK 01-19
Fountains of Wayne – Cafe du Nord, SF acoustic 01-19
Fight Like Apes – Live on George Lamb, BBC Radio 01-22
Calexico – Teatro Colosseo, Torino ITA 01-24 FM
Neko Case – Live at the Triple Door, Seattle WA – KEXP – 01-25
Andrew Bird – KEXP, Seattle WA 01-27
Calexico – Club Republic, Salzburg Austria 01-29
Calexico – Treibhaus, Innsbruck Austria 01-30

Airborne Toxic Event – Bottom of the Hill, SF CA 02-13
Juana Molina – Live In Session On KCRW 02-17 FM
Nellie McKay – Daytrotter Session 02-23

R.E.M. Tribute Concert – Carnegie Hall, NYC 03-11
Broken West – Cat’s Cradle, Carboro NC 03-19
Wavves – Emo’s, Austin TX – SXSW09 Pitchfolk-Windish Party 03-20
Tinted Windows – Bat Bar, Austin SXSW 3-21
Wavves – Mercury Lounge, NYC 03-30
Bob Mould – Daytrotter session 03-31
Black Lips – Daytrotter SXSW session

Blitzen Trapper – The Fox, Oakland CA 04-21
Spoon – Chameleon Club, Lancaster, PA 04-26
Crystal Stilts – Maxwells, Hoboken NJ 04-26 [matrix]

Illinois – Daytrotter session 05-04
Dawes – Daytrotter Session 05-06
Bob Mould – O2 Academy, Islington London UK 05-06
The Kills – Phoenix Concert Theatre, Toronto ON 05-07
Juliana Hatfield – Daytrotter session 05-14
Witches – 40 Watt Club, Atlanta GA 05-27
Dax Riggs – Stubb’s, Austin TX 05-30

Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) – BBC Radio Theatre, London UK FM 06-03
Detroit Cobras – The Earl, Atlanta GA 06-06
Dex Romweber – The Earl, Atlanta GA 06-06
Decemberists – Radio City Music Hall, NYC 06-10
Andrew Bird – Radio City Music Hall, NYC 06-18

Calexico – Citadel Music Festival, Zitadelle, Berlin GER 07-08
Calexico – Piazza Castello Cortile Abbaziale, Sesto al Reghena ITA 07-16

Howlies – Daytrotter session 08-09
Still Flyin’ – Daytrotter Session 08-18

Soulsavers – Live In Session, KCRW FM 09-10
No Age with Bob Mould (performing Husker Du) – Stage Two, ATP09, Kutsher’s, Monticello, NY 09-13
Matt Kurz One – Caledonia Lounge, Athens GA 09-17

Them Crooked Vultures – Stubb’s, Austin TX 10-01
Girls – Black Session 10-05
Dodos – Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY 10-13
Clem Snide – Mercury Lounge, NYC 10-13
Surfer Blood – Market Hotel, Brooklyn NY 10-24
Thomas Function – Daytrotter session 10-28
Wooden Shjips – 171 Lombardy, Brooklyn NY 10-31

White Rabbits – Daytrotter session 11-02
Jesus Lizard – Irving Plaza, NYC 11-16
Brendan Benson – Luxury Wafers session 11-2009

Jay Reatard – 40 Watt, Athens GA 12-02
Mountain Goats – Bell House, Brooklyn NY 12-02

Passion Pit – Rob da Bank session, BBC Radio



Beastie Boys – Pauls Boutique – 20th Anniv Ed.
Outlaw Blues: Murder Ballads and Prison Songs
Dark Was the Night
Kulturkantine Electronic Soul Lounge Session : sounded promising. wasn’t
The Watchmen OST
Aretha Franklin – Sunday Morning Classics
Pearl Jam – Ten (Legacy Edition)
The Vaselines – Enter The Vaselines
The Band – The Band (remastered)
Beach Boys – Pet Sounds (remaster reissue) : BEST ALBUM EVAR

Raven Sings The Blues Presents: Volume 1
Ben Folds Presents: University A Cappella : cute?
Record Store Day 2009, Caroline Distribution promo
Stax: The Soul of Hip-Hop
Iron & Wine – Around the Well
Janes Addiction – A Cabinet of Curiosities : good collection of ‘before they started to suck’ material
Tobacco – Allegheny White Fish Tapes : weird-but-kinda-compelling fragments
Animal Collective – Animal Crack Box
Thee Oh Sees – Zork’s Tape Bruise : crazed feedback psychedelica
Funky16Corners Radio v.70 : rolicking fun retro adventure

Ducktails – Backyard : WAY lo-fi, with some interesting bits
Spacemen 3 – DJ Tones
Dandy Warhols – The Dandy Warhols Are Sound : mmmmeh alterna-mix of a mmmmeh album
Drive-By Truckers – The Fine Print (A Collection of Oddities and Rarities 2003-2008)
The Stolen Minks – Family Boycott (reissue) : fun rockabilly-garage burners
Turin Brakes – Bottled At Source – The Best Of The Source Years (1999-2009)
Act Retarded! – Retarded Lo-Fi-Garage-Pop for Retarded People (2007-2009) : great tour-de-force of a fun modern sub-genre
Beck – The Velvet Underground & Nico
Radiohead – Kid A (Collector’s Edition)
Tribute To Cheap Trick – The Unauthorized Tribute

Apples In Stereo – #1 Hits Explosion
Putumayo Presents Brazilian Cafe
Beastie Boys – Doublecheck Your Head
DJ Kicks – Chromeo
New Jazz Funk : whatev’s club jazz
David Bowie – Space Oddity (40th Anniv Ed) : still at the heights of freaky and weird
Morphine – At Your Service : mucho, mucho Sandman – that’s a good thing
Nirvana – Bleach (20th anniv. deluxe ed)
R.E.M. – Live At The Olympia
I Am Kloot – B

Sufjan Stevens & Osso – Run Rabbit Run
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Live (DVD audio)
Nada Surf – The Best Of…
Sufjan Stevens – The BQE
The Modern Soul of Nicola Conte
Tributes Or Not Tributes Strikes Back
Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (Remix Collection)
Beck – Songs of Leonard Cohen : awesomely creative (natch)



Golden Boots – Coyote Deathbed Surprize / EV : alt-psychedelic-country?
The Kills – Black Baloon EP
Blue Giant – Target Heart EP
Dead Weather – CDS
Bark Cat Bark – Iceland CDS
The Breeders – Fate To Fatal EP : interestingly diverse
Brilliant Colors – Brilliant Colors EP
Crystal Stilts – Love Is A Wave 7″
Death Cab for Cutie – The Open Door EP : pop-tastic
Gifted Children – Open Windows EP : compellingly varied indie rock

The Picture – Bluebirds EP : anthemic indie-rock, (a la U2)
TV On the Radio – Read Silence EP
Whiskeytown – San Antone 7″
Decemberists – The Rakes Song 7″
Deerhunter – Rainwater Cassette Exchange EP : beginnings of a “less shoegaze” sound, great!
Delay Trees – Soft Construction EP : mildly interesting pop-rock
Flaming Lips & Black Keys – split 7″
Green Day – Know Your Enemy CDS
Mexican Kids At Home – Recycled Songs For A Happy Environment EP : desperately trying, moderate success
Woods – Sunlit 7″ : quite promising

Andrew Bird – Fitz and the Dizzyspells EP : this guy is just amazing…
The Bitters – Wooden Glove 12″ : fuzzy, shouty, pop-rock
Cheap Time – Woodland Drive 7″ : fun power-pop/punk
CocoRosie – Coconuts, Plenty of Junk Food EP : craaaazy-weird pop/freakfolk
Come on Like Gangbusters – My Realization EP : think: The Strokes
Dirty Projectors – Stillness Is The Move EP
Little Glitches – 123 EP : gently dense, with great psychedelic vocal layers
Lê Almeida – REVI EP : awesome Brazillian power-pop
Magic Wands – Magic Love And Dreams EP : straightforward rock with a synth backbone
Modest Mouse – Satellite Skin CDS

Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – Young Adult Friction 7″ : C86-style gauzey twee-pop: fun lyrics (fucking in a library!?!)
Tigers That Talked – Black Heart Blue Eyes EP : interesting diverse mediocre – that last track is a hoot
Traps – Common Errors EP : almost-up-tempo wimpy-post-punk trying-too-hard
Val Verde – The Lazy Soldier EP : sounds equidistant to Journey and Kings of Leon
Prefuse 73 – The Forest Of Oversensitivity EP : somewhat numbing, but full of creative ‘bits’
Brute Chorus – The Brute Chorus EP : most of the goodness came out last year…
Color of Clouds – The Look EP : textbook ambient-indie-pop
Flaming Lips – Embryonic EP
Former Child Stars – Serotonin City EP : simple indie-dance-pop
Jay Reatard/Thee Oh Sees – split 7″ : great tour single, bummer i missed the tour…

How I Became the Bomb – Vol. 2: Foremost Sentinel : witty little indie-rock ditties
How I Became the Bomb – Vol. 3: They Can What It Seems They Cannot
How I Became the Bomb – Vol. 4: Through Adversity To The Stars
Kurt Vile – Fall Demons 7″ : some lo-fi bedroom-psych-pop gems
Little Girls – Tambourine EP : super-fuzzed-out indie rock, with darkly 80’s-inspired melodies and structure
Little Girls – Thrills 12″
Love Is All – Last Choice EP : jittery disco-rock
Modest Mouse – No One’s First And You’re Next EP
Netherfriends – Calling You Out EP : fun psych-infected pop; perhaps overproduced
Oh Minnows – Might EP : full points for excellent execution and design; point reduction for semi-boring

Perfect People – Perfect People EP : boppin’ modern pop, minus anything compelling
Psyched To Die – Sterile Walls 7″ : amped up thrash-punk screamers
Spoon – Got Nuffin EP : new=winner
We are The Storm – We are The Storm EP : zzzzzzzz; ho-hum emo nonsense
The Weeks – Rumspringa EP : garage/southern-rock with a fun ‘swing’; very Mooney Suzuki-ish
Snowglobe – No Need to Light A Night Light on A Night Like Tonight EP : decent roots-pop; E6 conx?
The Blacks – Tiger Songs EP : great punchy guitar-rock
Best Coast – Where the Boys Are CS
Blitzen Trapper – Black River Killer EP
Brother/Ghost – Black Ice EP

Carina Round – Things You Should Know EP
The Envy Corps – Kid Gloves EP
Mazes – Mazes 7″
No Age – Losing Feeling EP
Peaking Lights – Imaginary Falcons 7″ : brilliantly textured ambient-gaze…
Psychedelic Horseshit – Shitgaze Anthems EP : shitgaze anthems is correct…
Pulled Apart By Horses – Traxxx EP : interesting electro-math-rock
Wooden Shjips – Contact 10″ : ‘nuther great set of tracks
The Silent Years – Let Go EP : overly-arranged pop songs; needs to simplify, but one to watch
Dead Mellotron – Ghost Light Constellation EP : excellently adventurous; shoegaze/post-rock/lo-fi pop/’regular’ rock/etc

Neon Indian – Psychic Chasms EP : godawful
Arctic Monkeys – Crying Lightning CDS
Destroyer – Bay of Pigs CDS : a 13 minute single, really?
Goose – Live EP : crazed electro-rock
The Inner Banks – Songs From Disko Bay EP : some interesting atmospherics, but mostly just dull
Magic Kids – Hey Boy EP : breezy do-wop-ish pop ditties
Male Bonding + Eat Skull – Split 7″
Deerhunter – Vox Celeste 5 7” : from Sub Pop singles club; awesome
Emily Wells – Dirty EP : crazy-good symphonic hip-hop (wtf?!?)
Go to Berlin – Just A Band EP : bah

God Help The Girl – Stills EP : beautifully executed, sophisticated pop
Kings Of Leon – Notion EP
Teen Fuqq – Tamed by Censors EP
Body Rot – Tuff Muscles cass : noisy chaos – me likey-likey
Body Rot – We’re All Pink On The Inside cass : better of the two
The Cave Weddings – The Cave Weddings EP : great early-60’s style garage rock (think Buddy Holly-esque)
Eating Pebble – Sammi! Oh Sammi! EP : fun and bouncy Swede-rock/pop
Girls – Life in San Francisco CDS
Pheromoans – Savoury Days EP : wonky Brit “shamble-punk”; bah
Pinkshinyultrablast – Happy Songs For Happy Zombies EP : name almost perfectly describes the MBV-ish sonic blast

Teenage Lovers – Teenage Lovers EP : another entry into the lo-fi 60’s-pop trend; a good one…
The XX – XX (bonus cd)
Atlas Sound – Rough Trade EP : mostly ho-hum remixes
Aushua – Limbo EP : interesting shimmering rock sprawl
The Bombettes – You Have no Chance, Lance EP : pop-punk mini-gems from SWE; gr8 fun
Brimstone Howl – Mammon 7”
Colourmusic – Yes! EP : amusing, loosely-frantic rockers
De Novo Dahl – City Driver EP
Dirty Projectors – Temecula Sunrise EP
Family Force 5 – Keep The Party Alive EP : auto-tune = death

Florida – Florida 7” : gloomy rock, or wrong speed encoding?
The Galacticos – Phone Home EP : uber-fun indie pop/rock party
General Fiasco – We Are The Foolish EP : mildly interesting anthemic guitar rock
Glint – Glint EP : not entirely crap, just mostly
Golden Triangle – Golden Triangle 12” : one to watch…
Hot! Donna – Call It Kennedy EP
Little Comets – Adultery EP
Lover! – Let’s Play A Game 7” : bouncy, fun psych-pop; great instrumentation
Lover! – No Dreams Please EP : 7″ is better…
Melted Sunglasses – Sparks 7”

Metric – Plug In Plug Out EP
Okie Dokie – Badhammer 7” : spastic insanity in a garage-punk package
Skipper – Cold Pizza n Pop 7” : great lighthearted garage-pop
Super Wild Horses – I Was Blind 7” EP
The Drums – Summertime! EP : fun garage-surf-inflected indie pop
White Wires – Pretty Girl 7” : super fun garage pop with a doo-wop bent
Woven Bones – Janie 7”
Woven Bones – With You Alone 7”
Woven Bones – Your Sorcery 7”
Animal Collective – Brother Sport CDS

Animal Collective – Fall Be Kind EP
Best Coast – Make You Mine 7” : fuzzed-out surf-rock
Black and White Years – Nursery Myths EP : easygoing indie-pop
The Bucket – Kick The Bucket EP
Camera Obscura – The Blizzard EP
The Crown Vandals – The Guenevere EP : compelling, freaky, pop – somewhat akin to Animal Coll.
Ganglians – Blood On The Sand 7”
Los Planetas – Cuatro Palos EP : mildly interesting Spanish pop
Peppermint Lounge – Demo EP : intriguingly creative
The Pixies – Doolittle 20th Anniversary Live Sampler EP

Public Radio – Sweetchild EP : tolerable, if overly emo-tastic
Ringo Deathstarr – In Love 7” : dreamy, swirling, JAMC/MBV guitar rock
Sleigh Bells – Sleigh Bells EP : interesting pop-rock mix; terrible production
Sunshine Underground – Everything, Right Now EP : whatevs; boring rock
Tandoori Knights – Pretty Please 7”
Thee Oh Sees – Blood In Your Ear 7”
Weed Diamond – Demo EP : punishingly lo-fi, but mosdef one to watch
Yeasayer – Ambling Alp CDS : kooky, experimental rock; MGMT-ish at times
Zaza – Cameo EP : moody, mildly droning; mostly good, one to watch
The Mountain Goats & John Vanderslice (The Comedians) – Moon Colony Bloodbath EP