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new music 2021


Barry Gibb – Greenfields: The Gibb Brothers’ Songbook vol. 1 : decent pop, calling this country is a way stretch
Ben Kweller – Circuit Boredom : glad to have BK back; searching for a sound
Codist – A Dream Is Just a Big Thought : very ho-hum rockers
Dirty Nil, the – Fuck Art : riffy pop-punk
Henrik Appel – Humanity : bedroom indie with a streak of garage
Kate Davis – Strange Boy : clever and heart-felt takes on DJ
Matthew Sweet – Catspaw : warm and open guitar rock, if a bit flat
Neøv – Picture Of A Good Life : melancholy indie-pop/rock via #Finland
Passenger – Songs for the Drunk and Broken Hearted : some lovely melodies wrapped into woe-is-me folk
Pom Poko – Cheater : unconventional pop/punk/rock/oddities via #Norway

Shame – Drunk Tank Pink : skittering, tense and rabid post-punk
Sleaford Mods – Spare Ribs : sparce, ascerbic and jittery post-punk evaluation of modernity
Steve Earle & The Dukes – J.T : rollicking
Viagra Boys – Welfare Jazz : skronky, gritty post-punk; #attimesgenius
Vicious Blossom – You Breathe Inside of Me : hazy/-gazey/fuzzy/dreamy
Wax Tailor – The Shadow of Their Suns
Foo Fighters – Medicine At Midnight : occasionally brilliant, mostly good arena-singalongs
Moon Taxi – Silver Dream : pro-level bland
Fox Face – End of Man : aggressive (not aggro) garage-punk; #femvox
Blackout Problems – Dark : tortured emo; not all terrible

Kiwi Jr. – Cooler Returns : very very fun jangly-guitar-rock/power-pop
Palberta – Palberta5000 : loose and sardonic diy garage-punk/art-pop; #femvox
Teen Creeps – Forever : fast paced, melodic rock, 90s-alt-rock-inspired
Yung – Ongoing Dispute : mildly cringy rockers
Farmer Dave & the Wizards of the West – Farmer Dave & the Wizards of the West : smooth, dusty Cali-psych-rock; #nonsitarpsych
Lambs And Wolves – Not A Party At All : lovely and pastoral melancholy folk-rock via #Germany
Baio – Dead Hand Control : well executed electro-pop/rock; #notmything
Ghalia Volt – One Woman Band : fun-ish roots-ish kinda-one-woman-band
Goat Girl – On All Fours : very interesting and well-executed melodic indie-pop/rock; #impressive #femvox
Langhorne Slim – Strawberry Mansion : loose and enjoyable folk-rock

Lucero – When You Found Me : loose country-punk pivoting to moody southern-gothic rock
Weezer – OK Human : so now we’re an orchestral-pop group?
Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio – I Told You So : super groovy soul-jazz
Black Pistol Fire – Look Alive : vibrant and diverse modern blues-rock-misc
Emancipator & Asher Fulero – Dab Records Volume One
Ghalia Volt – One Woman Band : straightforward fun; #ifihadabaridplaythis
Killers, the – Imploding The Mirage : big, well executed arena soundz
Black Country, New Road – For the First Time : dazzling and dynamic musical interplay in-and-around post-rock; #NinjaTune
Cheekface – Emphatically No : clever and witty spoke-sung slacker pop-punk-rock
LNZNDRF – II : very fun and very diverse rockers; “shamanistic jam sessions”

Madlib – Sound Ancestors : fun jumble of beats, sampled soul, and vox compellingly presented
Danny Kroha – Detroit Blues : killer minimalist blues-rock
Motorama – Before The Road : moody, intriguing post-rock via #Russia
Rats On Rafts – Excerpts From Chapter 3 The Mind Runs A Net Of Rabbit Paths : art-psych-punk-pop-scapes?
Tamar Aphek – All Bets Are Off : skittish and ambiguous, flowing and at times sensual via #Israel
Besnard Lakes, the – The Besnard Lakes Are The Last of the Great Thunderstorm Warnings : epic, soaring, psych-pop/rock; #deathandlife
Psychedelic Porn Crumpets – SHYGA! The Sunlight Mound : spastic psych-garage-punk, “cornucopia of multi-coloured, high-speed sound”
A.J. Croce – By Request : really fun, open-hearted covers
Aaron Lee Tasjan – Tasjan! Tasjan! Tasjan! : lovely modern pop/soft-rock
DeWolff – Wolffpack : feel-good classic/psych-rock via #Netherlands

Barlow, the – Horseshoe Lounge : dull and reductive “country rock”
Black Swan – Repetition Hymns : gorgeously recursive auditory meditations; #airplane
Corey Ledet – Corey Ledet Zydeco : fun, super-legit Creole Zydeco
Death By Unga Bunga – Heavy Male Insecurity : gloriously fun powerpop/NWBHM/rock via #Norway
Dinosaur Jr. – Sweep It Into Space : nice enough late-career DinoJr
Editrix – Tell Me I’m Bad : noisily chaotic post-hardcore; #femvox
Heavy Relic – The Apparition Of The Great Cabala : heavy psych, real heavy
Hounds – Cattle In The Sky : nice pleasant indie, full stop
Luka State, the – Fall In Fall Out : ho-hum indie-rock; #theressomethingthere
Never Come Down – Better Late Than Never : country/bgrass pop

Pale Waves – Who Am I : goofy, pandering indie; #femvox
Paul Leary – Born Stupid : freak-flag deluxe
Pom Poko – Cheater : very fun yet complex art/punk/fuzz/noise/pop via #Norway; #femvox
Prefuse 73 – The Failing Institute of Drums & Other Percussion : downtempo beats and such; #huh?
Sun June – Somewhere : lovely, country-tinged indie-pop; #femvox
Telescopes, the – Songs of Love and Revolution : dreamy, shadowy, drone-fi psych+pop
TV Priest – Uppers : noisy, reverent and mildly-psych post-punk via #England
Typhoon – Sympathetic Magic : lovely melancholic pandemic indie
Cloud Nothings – The Shadow I Remember : some interesting bits, but the mix sounds terrible…
Fritz – Pastel : fuzz&reverb-filled dream-pop/alt-rock/-gaze; #femvox

Gathered Ghosts – Wordless Ones : filmic instrumentals, lovely
Hold Steady, the – Open Door Policy : ‘workingman’ sad-sack guitar-rock; #imoverit
Lael Neale – Acquainted with Night : very lovely bedroom-pop (is this baroque?) ; #omnichordandvox
Mogwai – As the Love Continues : super-solid atmospheric post-rock; #uneven
Pony Bradshaw – Calico Jim : thoughtful s/s ‘mericana; #gothicsouth #songstories
Sam Coffey & the Iron Lungs – Real One : super-solid mix of roots/heartland/power-pop/arena/etc … ; #wouldbegreatlive
Tarotplane – Horizontology : very mellow ‘kosmiche’ outing
Tash Sultana – Terra Firma : diverse, interesting, and occasionally great soul-jazz-r&b
Teenage Fanclub – Endless Arcade : jangly mellow rockers, ‘natch
Tindersticks – Distractions : nice. odd. unique. #pandemic

Valley Maker – When the Day Leaves : nice, easy-to-listen-to folk
Violet Road – A New Day Begins : 80s synth-rock via #Norway; #mostlynotgreat
Whitney K – Two Years : lo-fi weirdo slices of s/s life; #noisefolk
Wild Pink – A Billion Little Lights : sprawling heartland synth/rock/70s AM radio/folk
William Loveday Intention, the – Blud Under The Bridge : very enjoyable; #BillyChildish
Willie Nelson – That’s Life : willie does frank. nice
A Day to Remember – You’re Welcome : dumb shouting until tired then dumb strumming
Alex Bleeker – Heaven On the Faultline : jangly, diverse, and emotive beach/rock/folk/pop
Arab Strap – As Days Get Dark : very dark, very serious, very british
Balthazar – Sand : well done, thoughtful and playful pop-rock

Black Nash – Black Nash : an odd, personal, and often claustrophobic 25 mins of psych-pop
Dale Watson – Dale Watson Presents The Memphians : instrumentals
Django Django – Glowing in the Dark : ebbulent radio-ready apré-beach indie-pop
Elizabeth And The Catapult – Sincerely, E : lovely emotive living-room-pop; #pandemic
Entrepreneurs, the – Wrestler : v interesting indie rock smash-up
Flyying Colours – Fantasy Country : occasionally excellent dream/psych/gaze/drone
Freelove Fenner – The Punishment Zone : clever and lazy/hazy art-pop/rock
Fruit Bats – The Pet Parade : lovely and fun indie-pop
Jimbo Mathus & Andrew Bird – These 13 : honest, open, collaboratively innovative take on ‘roots’ forms and sounds; #lovely
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – L.W. : fucking genius psych-rock adventures

Kings of Leon – When You See Yourself : sad to report it sounds like a bunch of old rockers trying to be relevant
Libras, the – Faded : enjoyable and thoroughly professional rock/americana
Lost Horizons – In Quiet Moments : sinuous and lush pop/rock, very adult-radio ready; #boringasshit
Maxïmo Park – Nature Always Wins : glossy radio-pop/rock with post-punk inflections; #forthemasses
Melvins – Working with God : big dumb riffs
Menahan Street Band – The Exciting Sounds of Menahan Street Band : ‘horny’ fun
Muckers, the – Endeavor : lots of fun rock riffs
Nick Cave And Warren Ellis – Carnage : dark, sensitive, emotive, and largely gorgeous
of Montreal – I Feel Safe With You, Trash : kooky/compelling psych-pop; #oticandadelic
Quinn XCII – Change Of Scenery II : runs out of steam pretty quickly

Ron Gallo – Peacemeal : lo-fi art-pop/rock/whatev; #morestupidthaninspired
Run River North – Creatures In Your Head : fun and energetic indie pop-rock
William the Conqueror – Maverick Thinker : vibrant bluesy rock, touched by country and folk
XIXA – Genesis : galloping cinematic Tuscon/latin/psych/goth/spaghetti-western/+ ; #baritone
Yoshimi – 11 Pieces Of Fragmented Memories : excellent, dreamy, and delicate ambient/modern-class; #dreampunk #airplane
AJR – OK Orchestra : not-unpleasant pop music; #kiddiefare
American Culture – For My Animals : jagged and fun very-DIY indie/punk/pop/sawdust/noise/dub
Anthony Graziano – Noise Floor : lightly interesting bedroom indie/s-s
Black Honey – Written & Directed : nascent arena pop-rock; #femvox
Blue Stones, the – Hidden Gems : enjoyable, polished blues-rock

Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness, the – Songs From Another Life : chiming, jangly power-pop; #shortbutsweet
Chad VanGaalen – World’s Most Stressed Out Gardener : adventurous electro-pop
City Champs, the – Luna ’68 : energetic instrumental jazz/funk/soul via #Memphis
Cool Ghouls – At George’s Zoo : very enjoyable lo-fi 60s-ish pop/rock; #sanfrancisco #E6inspired
Coral – Spoon : enigmatic mélange of indie-rock; #femvox
Death from Above 1979 – Is 4 Lovers : overblown, overproduced “we used to sound like this” release
Fake Fruit – Fake Fruit : jittery, tense and energetic punk diatribes; #femvox
Ghost of Vroom – Ghost of Vroom 1 : “jazz-rap” with an old-school hip-hop vibe; #mikedoughty
Grouplove – This Is This : rambunctious, energetic, guitar-forward indie-rock
Har Mar Superstar – Roseville : fun, if ho-hum, original r&b; #themagicislive

James Levy – Soldier : enjoyable, straightforward indie-rock
Jay-Jay Johanson – Rorschach Test : “Swedish Trip Hop Crooner” captures it well…
Lana Del Rey – Chemtrails Over the Country Club : max-effort-melancholy indie-folk; #sappyashell #tryingsohardtobesad
Lodger, the – Cul-De-Sac of Love : very fun dance-indie-pop; #80sprom
Loretta Lynn – Still Woman Enough : nicely modern’d up a bit for the y’ungins
Middle Kids – Today We’re The Greatest : nice enough Sunday-drive indie; #femvox
Mint Julep – In A Deep And Dreamless Sleep : dreamy and kaleidoscopic ‘gaze-pop
Nervous Dater – Call in the Mess : really fun guitar pop-punk; #touchofcountry #collegerock
New Bums – Last Time I Saw Grace : mellow, hazy bedroom-psych-folk
New Raemon, the – A los Que Nazcan Más Tarde : nice

Nubiyan Twist – Freedom Fables : groovy UK funk-jazz highlighting guest vox
Paul Stanley’s Soul Station – Now And Then : cheesy but not all bad; #likeballparknachos
Pop Levi – Juicy Diamond : groovy bedroom glam-rock; #thegoodisrealgood
Ragtime Frank & The Drivers – Hambone’s Got It! / In the Spirit : distortion-fueled primitive rock
Ryley Walker – Course In Fable : peacefully laconic indie-folk/rock
Ryley Walker And Kikagaku Moyo – Deep Fried Grandeur : cerebral and trippy psych-jazz-prog jamz; #2tracks36minutes
Southern Culture On The Skids – At Home With : fun
Tim Cohen – You Are Still Here : extremely well-done sf psych-pop
Tobacco – Fucked Up Friends 3 : gloriously broken-down electro-psych
Too Much Joy – Mistakes Were Made : goofy-fun; #doesnotconnectwithme

Triptides – Alter Echoes : chill, groovy, 70s-inspired psych-space-pop/rock
Tune-Yards – sketchy : skittering oddball pop, strangely compelling
Whitehorse – Modern Love : perfectly nice lightly-country-pop/rock; #comedown
William Loveday Intention, the – The Bearded Lady Also Sells The Candy Floss : lo-fi rootsy rock/folk; #BillyChildish



Jayhawks, the – Slamhammer, Minneapolis MN 01-10
Juliana Hatfield – Q Division Studios, Somerville MA 01-23 (Bed)

Juliana Hatfield – Q Division Studios, Somerville MA 02-21 (Only Everything)

Los Lobos – Una Noche En Tokio (Live 1985)
Dr. Dog – Live 2
Little Steven & The Disciples of Soul – Macca To Mecca!
Decemberists, the – Live Home Library Vol. I: Royal Oak Music Theatre, Royal Oak MI August 11 2009
Boz Scaggs – Without A Care (Live Los Angeles 1994)
DMA’S – Live At Brixton
Jose James – Jose James New York 2020 : jammin’ live jazz/r&b
Black Angels, the – Live at Levitation
Brand New Heavies, the – Shibuya 357 (Live In Tokyo 1992)

Bruce Springsteen – The Live Series Songs Under Cover Vol. 2
Dead Meadow – Levitation Sessions
First Aid Kit – Who By Fire
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Live In Melbourne ’21
U2 – The Virtual Road: Live At Red Rocks: Under A Blood Red Sky



Mud – Mud Rock (expanded ed)
va – Tributes Or Not Tributes Vol 16 (70’s-80’s)
Richard Hell & The Voidoids – Destiny Street Complete
Buzzcocks – Late for the Train: Live and in Session 1989-2016
John Prine – John Prine (reissue, orig 1977)
Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On The Detroit Mix
Pete Yorn – Pete Yorn Sings The Classics
PJ Harvey – Is This Desire – Demos
Mudhoney – Real Low Vibe The Reprise Recordings 1992-1998
Ariel Pink – Odditties Sodomies Vol. 3

Ariel Pink – Sit n’ Spin
va – Two Synths, A Guitar (and) A Drum Machine: Soul Jazz Records #1 Post Punk Dance
J Mascis – Fed Up and Feeling Strange
Deaf School – Parigi My Dear
Ghostpoet – I Grow Tired But Dare Not Fall Asleep (Again)
Rod Stewart – Cupid
Weeknd, the – The Highlights
Macrocosmica – God Bless Macrocosmica
Andra Day – The United States vs. Billie Holiday OST
Ike & Tina Turner – River Deep / Mountain High (reissue, orig 1969)

va – MOJO Presents: Steve Marriott, Small Faces, Humble Pie: Afterglow (Rare! Live! Unreleased!)
va – MOJO Presents: Why Can’t I Be You: A Tribute to The Cure
Dodgy – The Dodgy Album (reissue, orig 1993)
Herman Dune – The Cassette Tapes from Vinegar Hill
Howe Gelb & A Band of Gypsies – Alegrías [10th Anniv Ed]
Jim Capaldi – Short Cut Draw Blood (reissue, orig 1975)
PJ Harvey – Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea – Demos
Stereolab – Electrically Possessed [Switched On Volume 4]
Wallows – Remote EP (deluxe, orig 2020)
Wedding Present, the – Locked Down and Stripped Back

Arcade Fire and Owen Pallett – Her OST
Beck – Hyperspace [JA deluxe vinyl, orig 2019]
Black Crowes, the – Shake Your Money Maker [30th anniv ed]
Black Pumas – Black Pumas (expanded deluxe, orig 2019)
Glass Beach – Alchemist Rats Beg Bashful (Remixes)
Green Day – Insomniac (25th anniv deluxe ed)
Joe Strummer – Assembly
Raul Malo – Quarantunes Vol. 1
Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble – Couldn’t Stand the Weather (1984, MFSL 2021)
Sting – Duets

UNKLE – Rōnin I
va – Bills & Aches & Blues EP3 (40 Years of 4AD)
va – Birth of Soul: Los Angeles Special
va – Oh! You Pretty Things: Glam Queens And Street Urchins 1970-76
va – Riot City: Complete Singles Collection: The Sound of UK 82
Willie Nelson – Rainbow Connection [reissue, orig 2001]



Beach Bunny – Blame Game EP
Taylor Swift – The Dropped Your Hand While Dancing Chapter EP
Widowspeak – Honeychurch EP
Cub Scout Bowling Pins – Heaven Beats Iowa EP
BoBo – Pt. II Hope I Experience It EP
Lucy Daydream – Infinite Quest For The Rainbow Butthole EP
Lumerians – Fuzz Club Session EP
Taylor Swift – The Forever Is The Sweetest Con Chapter EP
Louis Dunford – The Morland EP
Musiq Soulchild – Loveyoumore EP

Sports – Get a Good Look Pt. 1 EP
Taylor Swift – The Ladies Lunching Chapter EP
Treemer – Storm EP
Talkboy – Wrapped In Blue EP
Deap Vally – Digital Dream EP
Vaccines, the – Cosy Karaoke, Vol. 1 EP
Boozoo Bajou – Lambique EP
Cloud Nothings – January 2021 EP
Knocks, the – Melody & Silence EP
Elvis Costello – La Face de Pendule à Coucou EP

Ludovico Einaudi – The Dawn EP
SNFU – A Blessing But With It A Curse EP
Traxman – Off The Streets EP