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new music 2022

Dope Lemon – Rose Pink Cadillac : expanding into new territory (that I’m not too into…)
Miles Kane – Change the Show : fun swinging Brit pop
Fickle Friends – Are We Gonna Be Alright : 80s pop, modernized
Cat Power – Covers : ho hum
California Honeydrops, the – Covers from the Cave : easy-listening, #greatbarband
FKA Twigs – Caprisongs : chaotic experimental/modern r&b
Chastity – Suffer Summer : ho-hum emo-pop
Yndling – Yndling : gauzy Norwegian dream-pop
Blood Red Shoes – Ghosts On Tape : very boring electro-pop/indie
Blaudzun – Lonely City Exit Wounds : nice radio-ready Euro-rock

Tape Toy – Honey, WTF : Dutch nu-grunge/pop
Kids On A Crime Spree – Fall In Love Not In Line : diverse, fun guitar-rock; #findingasound
Cory Wong – Wong’s Cafe : a bit too “j crew funky”
Beach House – Once Twice Melody : sounds good, doesn’t inspire; #needssomehooks
Weeknd, the – Dawn FM : “if I had to I wouldn’t really mind”
Lumineers, the – Brightside : fun, loose, and radio-ready; #rightdownthemiddle
Bodega – Broken Equipment : smart, sharp, and snappy post-rock/new-wave
Dave Depper – Moon Safari : inventive and honest interpretations of a set of bangers
Destroyer – Labyrinthitis : ‘uniquely Destroyer’; very odd sounds, feelings, beats, melodies, and puzzling lyrics
Eels – Extreme Witchcraft : oddball pop-rock from a weirdo master

Elvis Costello & The Imposters – The Boy Named If : very fun modern indie rock; #legacycontinues
Gabriella Cohen – Blue No More : bright and enjoyable genre-hopping modern pop/folk/rock
Ludovico Einaudi – Underwater
MØ – Motordrome : at-times-compelling modern pop
Night Crickets – A Free Society : art-rock collab with #DavidJ and #VFemmes
Penny And Sparrow – Olly Olly : mildly interesting ‘adult pop’
St. Paul & The Broken Bones – The Alien Coast : very weird turn toward nu-disco/modern R&B
Toundra – Hex : towering, very-serious instrumental post-rock via #Mexico
Twin Atlantic – Transparency : quite fun and varied ‘indie’ sounds
Yard Act – The Overload : very, very fun Brit-pop married to (post-Brexit-)post-punk

Blues Against Youth, the – As the Tide Gets High and Low : always love one-man-band-blues; #ramshackle
Diasonics, the – Origin of Forms : instrumental funk via #Moscow
DJ Cam – Tropical Gypsy : mostly ho-hum downtempo tunes; #nottropical
Kid Loco – Born in the 60’s : fun downtempo’ed classic rock covers
Leo Sayer – Northern Songs : beatles covers…
North Mississippi Allstars – Set Sail : fun contemporary roots-blues, the party-starters are fun
Paul Draper – Cult Leader Tactics : satirical new new wave wave how-to
Wovenhand – Silver Sash : dark and brooding psychedelic neo-folk/rock
A Place to Bury Strangers – See Through You : noisy, jagged and droning psych/post-punk
Funki Porcini – Where The Sauce Is Deluxe : nicely chilled-out downbeat/nu-jazz/ambient/…

Animal Collective – Time Skiffs : back-to-form weirdo AnCo; #pitchforknailedit
Mississippi Nova – The Desert in Winter : messy, sludgy garage/heavy-blues
Bastille – Give Me The Future : well done modern pop; #varietyandhooks
Hippo Campus – LP3 : sometimes fun indie-pop
Imaad Wasif – So Long Mr. Fear : sophisticated pop for grown-ups; #soserious
Mitski – Laurel Hell : shrugging pop music
Los Bitchos – Let the Festivities Begin! : very fun party-starter retro instrumental psych-surf
Reds, Pinks And Purples, the – Summer At Land’s End : lovely bedroom-pop with an 80s new-age vibe
Dan Andriano And The Bygones – Dear Darkness : loose fun
High Water Marks, the – Proclaimer Of Things : bubbly, lively, varied and compelling indie-rock/power-pop

Spoon – Lucifer On the Sofa : continuing their fantastic catalog with a career highlight
Alt-J (∆) – The Dream : occasionally brilliant, often soggy
Andy Bell – Flicker : nostalgic psych-pop. done very well; #Erasure
Eddie Vedder – Earthling : diving back into rock; #abithohum
Hembree – It’s a Dream! : loose, funky dance-rock
Johnossi – Mad Gone Wild : energetic and fun guitar-driven indie-rock
Urge Overkill – Oui : earnest attempt
Big Thief – Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You : I can’t believe this thing is so popular; #goodnotTHATgood
Frank Turner – FTHC : ‘punk folk’; alternately emo-ish and shouty
Black Country, New Road – Ants from Up There : professionally boring attempt at ‘interesting’; #alarminglypopular

Blushing – Possessions : very well done dream-pop-gaze; #textbookindierock
Dean Owens – Sinner’s Shrine : AZ desert rock aka Calexico lite
Dumpster Pop – Punch The Clown : goofy little throwaway punk tracks; #wellnamed
Foxy Shazam – The Heart Behead You : theatrical, glammed-up garage-rock; #artificeorart
Hurray for the Riff Raff – Life on Earth : mostly-compelling indie-pop/folk-punk with a perspective; #soserious #’naturepunk’
James Hunter Six, the – With Love, The James Hunter Six : fun retro love ballads; #fucklove
Methyl Ethel – Are You Haunted : kinda-interesting indie-pop; #femvox
Midnight Oil – Resist : fine sendoff
Night Shop – Forever Night : super-well-done, emotive, widescreen s/s guitar-rock
River Dreams – Small Paintings : nice roots/classic-rock via #Australia

Sarah Borges – Together Alone : spirited s-s/country-rock/Americana outing
Sarah Shook & the Disarmers – Nightroamer : nice country-tinged roots-rock
Shout Out Louds – House : very, very lovely indie-pop via #Sweden
Society of Rockets, the – Unearthed : fun, jangly countrified indie/guitar/psych-pop/rock; #slackerrock
Steve Poltz – Stardust and Satellites : cleverly contemplative beach-bum rock; #inthebestway
Swans – Is There Really A Mind : lo-fi solo acoustic fundraiser for a real album
William Loveday Intention, the – Cowboys Are SQ : more excellent ramshackle blues/folk/rock/dirt; #BillyChildish #’multi-hyphenate’
Beechwood – Sleep Without Dreaming : very enjoyable punk-leaning power-pop/indie
Beth Hart – A Tribute To Led Zeppelin : fun, powerful tributes
Chords UK, the – Big City Dreams : really great high-energy diverse power-pop delights

Die! Die! Die! – This Is Not An Island Anymore : aggressive, punky and noisy rock with clever melodies
Half Man Half Biscuit – The Voltarol Years : mostly fun high-energy pub rockers
Heavy Hours, the – Gardens : occasionally groovy indie in a wash of crap arena-rock
Johnny Marr – Fever Dreams Pts 1 – 4 : lots of experimenting with sounds and styles, to mostly very good effect
Maita – I Just Want To Be Wild For You : intimate modern pop; well instrumented!
Minders, the – Psychedelic Blacktop : very enjoyable 60s-flecked psych-pop; #Elephant6
Sea Power – Everything Was Forever : wide-screen genre-hopping indie, at times great
Shybits – Body Lotion : nice quiet-loud 90s-influenced guitar pop-rockers
Superchunk – Wild Loneliness : typically infectious and catchy; #abitsubdued
Swami John Reis – Ride The Wild Night : boogie/garage sauciness plus pop delight

Tears For Fears – The Tipping Point : beautifully executed ho-hum tunes
Ty Segall – Whirlybird OST : really great and unexpectedly exciting
Band Of Heathens, the – Remote Transmissions, Vol. 1 : nice open covers; #countrytinge
Band of Horses – Things Are Great : a lovely, reed-smooth voice over ho-hum songs
Beachheads – Beachheads II : superty-duperty fun power-pop via #Norway
Bonobo – Fragments : chilled-out downbeat; #nottoointeresting #NinjaTune
Cloud Cult – Metamorphosis : delicate bedroom/orchestral pop-rock
Dip, the – Sticking With It : warm, retro r&b/soul; #hohum
Diplo – Diplo : TIL they still make house records
Dolly Parton – Run, Rose, Run : #whodesntlovedolly #notmuchhere #abitsilly

Eades – Delusion Spree : fun, grooving guitar-first indie-rockers
El Ten Eleven – New Year’s Eve : groovy, motorik heart detected
Emily Wells – Regards to the End : kinda-interesting orchestral pop; #adventurous
Friendship Propaganda – Songs for the Expiration of an Anxiety Pioneer : propulsive mid-fi early-rock-band outing; #gottagoforit
Gang of Youths – Angel in Realtime : interesting and fairly compelling charisma storytelling rock
Guided By Voices – Crystal Nuns Cathedral : another very excellent outing; #thefutilityofgbvreviews
John Zorn – A Garden Of Forking Paths : incredible modern classical/folk/adventure compositions beautifully played
Melt Yourself Down – Pray for Me I Don’t Fit In : wacky and propulsive sax-forward jazz-rock
Mike Campbell & The Dirty Knobs – External Combustion : nice groovy classic-rock; #tompetty
Nilüfer Yanya – Painless : really great, diverse very modern pop-rock

No Ceremony/// – In Anticipation Of An Ending : slinky synthwave
Odd Nosdam – Odd Nosdam Is at Home Wasted on a Waterbed
Peach Pit – From 2 to 3 : fun and jangly summery pop-rock
Robert Glasper – Black Radio III : easy-cool throwback nu-R&B/soul/downbeat
Scorpions – Rock Believer : sure. #whatyearisit
Sean O’Brien And His Dirty Hands – Negative And Clear : nice broad collection of varied rock sounds
Stereophonics – Oochya! : perfectly ok collection of varied indie-rock styles, all well done.
Thank – Thoughtless Cruelty : Noise. And politics. And dumb. #superBritchaos
Vaguess – Nothing’s Secret : jittery summery punk-rawk(-lite)
Blue States – World Contact Day : ho-hu spacious baroque-ish pop

Boo Radleys, the – Keep On With Falling : varied approaches to ‘adult-pop/rock’ + power-pop
Cowboy Junkies – Songs Of The Recollection : good covers keeping the CJ ‘voice’
Dexy – Sleeping Through Summer : loose ‘americana’ tinged with power-pop; #getssappy
Districts, the – Great American Painting : extremely well done anthemic rock from the heart
Drug Couple – Stoned Weekend : very compelling and super-listenable gently-psych indie-rock/americana
Feeder – Torpedo : propulsive return-to-action; #moreemothanineed
Gasoline – The Orange Album : energetic garage rock
Guerilla Toss – Famously Alive : wacky, experimental art-rock
Helen Love – This Is My World : very fun and listenable folk/punk-pop/rock; #superBritish
Hoodoo Gurus – Chariot Of The Gods : sharp, tight, well-written indie/garage-rock

JARV IS… – This Is Going To Hurt : wide-ranging, occasionally genius
Jenny Hval – Classic Objects : lovely, delicate, intimate art-pop
Lady Pills – What I Want : enjoyable, personal indie-rock; #pandemicsurvival #femvox
Lee Rogers – The City In You : well done mildly experimental thoughtful indie-rock
Legendary Pink Dots, the – The Museum of Human Happiness : experimental, slowed a bit, synth-forward and lyrically ‘heavy’; #touchingpostpunk
Loop – Sonancy : decent widescreen indie-gaze
M Ross Perkins – E Pluribus M Ross : delightful, retro, and eclectic bedroom-pop
Mattiel – Georgia Gothic : vibrant and fun dusty alt-rock
Midlake – For The Sake Of Bethel Woods : like the experimental feel, a couple high spots
Monochrome Set, the – Allhallowtide : quirky arty chamber-pop; #punkatheart

Mysterines, the – Reeling : energetic grunge/classic-rock
Niña Coyote eta Chico Tornado – Niña Coyote eta Chico Tornado vs. Don Condor eta Ñora Alacran
Peter Doherty And Frédéric Lo – The Fantasy Life Of Poetry And Crime : at times extremely interesting, at others dead dull
Pictish Trail – Island Family : cool ‘electro-acoustic psychedelic pop’; #verypandemic
Pinch Points – Process : aggressive socio-political (post-)punk
Rex Orange County – Who Cares? : very peppy indie-pop ear worms
Young Guv – GUV III : very enjoyable power-pop
Matt Nathanson – Last Of The Great Pretenders : solid pop-rock
Messer Chups – Visiting The Skeleton In The Closet : straightforward fun surf-rock via #Russia; #boorussia #yeahukraine
Mint Julep – Covers : pretty great dream-pop-gaze covers

Night Palace – Diving Rings : lovely atmospheric-pop/rock
Papercuts – Past Life Regression : loaded up with wobbly, folky, dream-pop references; #bitofasnooze
Pillow Queens – Leave The Light On : warm and inviting indie rock; #verynice
Pup – The Unraveling Of Puptheband : fun, interesting and energetic guitar pop-punk
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Unlimited Love : back to the funk, the good is OK the bad is horrible
Ryan Adams – Chris : approachable, well-executed s/s-indie; #dontcallitacomeback
Sam Jr. – Sam Jr : crisp and flowing fuzzed-out psych-rock with drone/noise/pop elements
Sea Girls – Homesick : ho-hum pop-rock
Sexy Zebras – Calle Liberación : heavy rocking party rock via #Madrid
Shooter Jennings & Yelawolf – Sometimes Y : A for effort, C for quality; #intriguing

Skrizzly Adams – Foolish : bubbly and lively pop-rock; #10songs29minutes
Snake And Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band – Sphere : meandering ‘bachelor pad’ art-pop via #Denmark
Sondre Lerche – Avatars Of Love : lovely Norwegian indie-pop; #lightlytwee
Spaceface – Anemoia : late night psych-pop bangers; #discotastic
Spiral Drive – Visions In Bloom : diverse, occasionally quite good, psychedelic space-rock; #overlong
Star Party – Meadow Flower : full-tilt lo-fi garage rock; #poppiestisbestiest
Stone Foundation – Outside Looking In : enjoyable pop-funk
Tahiti 80 – Here with You : percolating pop fun via #France
Taylor McCluskey – Justify : super-derivative ‘mall rock’; #notterrible
Thornbird – ThornBird : lovely open-heart folk; #Aussie #TheWaifs

Wallows – Tell Me That It’s Over : dancey modern pop
Walt Disco – Unlearning : thrilling electro-operatic-avant-goth-pop-glam-dance-punk
Warmduscher – At the Hotspot : wacky post-punk; #grotty
Wednesday – Mowing the Leaves Instead of Piling ’em Up : rough indie-rock cover set
Widowspeak – The Jacket : lush and elegant americana-folk-indie; #femvox
William Loveday Intention, the – The Baptiser : #BillyChildish bringin’ the gospel of bluesy folk-rock
Wrest – End All The Days : nice, ‘classic’ Scottish indie-rock
Anadol – Felicita : fascinatingly exploratory Turkish-pop steeped in psychedelia, ‘world sounds’, jazz and atmospherics
Bart Davenport – Episodes : lovely blend of coffeehouse jazz, acoustic porch tunes, and 60s brit-folk
Bedroom Eyes – Sisyphus Rock : solid indie-rock via #Sweden

Club d’Elf – You Never Know : varied noodle-y meanderings
Dan Melchior – Loud Version : super-lo-fi fuzzed-out swamp/garage-rock
Dead Melodies – Memento : deeeep couch-drone post-rock ambient; #airplane
Dead Tongues, the – Dust : gentle nighttime drive soundtrack
Duster – Together : despair brought to life; #gothslowcore
Fatherson – Normal Fears : very vanilla singalong indie-pop
Get Well Soon – Amen : dynamic electro-driven indie-rock
Gnod – Hexen Valley : grinding noise rock; #pocketsofgold
Go Cactus – We Have Wasted The Chance But We Are Fine : fun and jangly guitar-rock via #Spain
Hellacopters, the – Eyes of Oblivion : very fun high-energy heavy-rock via #Sweden

High Keys, the – A Little Too Heavy : recorded 1970, released 2022; #retrorock
Hot Water Music – Feel the Void : punchy, crunchy melodic punk
Joan Jett – Changeup : some great versions
John Zorn & Bill Laswell – The Cleansing : maybe a tad to far into the skronk for me…
Jon Spencer & the HITmakers – Spencer Gets It Lit : kitschy art-punk-blues-noise-pop
Laurels, the – Homecoming : very interesting mix of gauzy indie-rock and psych jams
Tree River – Time Being : anthemic indie/emo
Arre! Arre! – We Ride the Universe : snarling biker-gang-themed garage-punk via #Sweden
Basically Nancy – Basically Nancy : punchy, aggressive all-fem rockers
Calexico – El Mirador : back to the best of their dusty AZ mariachi mysteries

Drug Church – Hygiene : booming, hooky hardcore rockers
Envy of None – Envy of None : hodge-podge of pop-rock sounds looking for an audience; #CANsupergroup
Good Looks – Bummer Year : engaging and thoughtful gently-indie rockers
Health – Disco4::Part II : grimly dark electro-industrial-art-noise
Jack White – Fear Of The Dawn : deliriously weird blues-rock-punk-art
Linda Lindas, the – Growing Up : rambunctious angsty teenage pop-rock; #femvox
Lucius – Second Nature : tight, fun vocal-pop
Mondo Cozmo – This is for the Barbarians : well done folk-rock; #channelingDylan
Orville Peck – Bronco : gorgeous, dramatic and powerful modern country, with a twist
Pigeons Playing Ping Pong – Perspective : frat-party electro-funk jamzzz

Regrettes, the – Further Joy : mixed-results move toward a more pop sound; #heartstillthere
Space Ghost – Private Paradise : chilly bleep-bloop
Wasted – Modern Lie : nice enough indie-punk/rock via #Finland
Wet Leg – Wet Leg : really high highs, otherwise dull
Wet Tuna – Warping All By Yourself : crazy psych-funk-experiment from the inimitable MV
3rd Secret – 3rd Secret : “grunge supergroup” plays middling indie-folk
50 Foot Wave – Black Pearl : I <3 Kristin Hersh. Full stop.
Demons Of Ruby Mae – What Goes Unseen : egad
Freddie Steady Revue, the – Dandy : midling americana/soul ‘revue’
George Is Lord – My Sweet George : great songs, but why bother really?

Japanese Television – Space Fruit Vineyard : pretty great motorik space-surf instrumentals
Jewel – Freewheelin’ Woman : quite original and adventurous step forward (into the past?)
Kurt Vile – (watch my moves) : offbeat, languid and stoned folk-rock; #airplane
Psychic Graveyard/USA Nails – split LP : punk noise
Savak – Human Error/Human Delight
Vundabar – Devil For The Fire : very very well-done indie-pop/rock; #cleantwists
Wheeler Walker Jr. – Sex, Drugs And Country Music : INCREDIBLY FUCKING STUPID
!!! – Let It Be Blue : blase ‘dance-rock’; #dadfunk
Altameda – Born Losers
Arcade Fire – We : hohum at best

Awolnation – My Echo, My Shadow, My Covers & Me
Beaux Gris Gris & The Apocalypse – Good Times End Times : LA-inspired indie-rock; #subdued
Belle And Sebastian – A Bit of Previous : straightforward s/s indie-pop; #nobangers
Biznaga – Bremen No Existe
Black Keys, the – Dropout Boogie
Bloc Party – Alpha Games
Bonnie Raitt – Just Like That
Bowling for Soup – Pop Drunk Snot Bread
Carla Geneve – Learn To Like It : nicely done Aussie s/s
Chainsmokers, the – So Far So Good

Church Of The Cosmic Skull – There Is No Time
Color Fred, the – A Year And Change
Dale Watson – Jukebox Fury
Dan Melchior – CB Odyssey : lo-fi straight-to-record singsong garage-rock
DITZ – The Great Regression : angular, arty noise-rock/metal
Eli ‘Paperboy’ Reed – Down Every Road : solid & enjoyable r&b
Erasers – Constant Connection : hypnotic synth-drone
Ex Norwegian – Spook Du Jour : fun, quick little art-rock/pop blasts; #powerpopatheart
Feeling, the – Loss. Hope. Love : radio pop-rock
Fontaines D.C. – Skinty Fia

Frog Eyes – The Bees : off-the-beaten-path indie via #Canada
Fuzztones, the – Encore
Greyboy Allstars, the – Get A Job : organ-driven jazz-funk covers; #itsajam
Kendrick Lamar – Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers
Kevin Morby – This Is A Photograph
Kikagaku Moyo – Kumoyo Island
King Dude & Der Blutharsch and the Infinite Church of the Leading Hand – Black Rider On the Storm : dark folk drone gaze
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Omnium Gatherum : typically adventurous psych workouts; #epicopener #20records10years
Kongos – 1929, Pt. 3 : quite catchy adventures in alt-rock sounds and styles; #transformationunderway

Lara Rosseel – Hert : lovely emotive groovy/jazzy fun
Lazy Eyes, the – SongBook : lovely symphonic psych-pop/rock via #Australia
Lyle Lovett – 12th of June : Solid
Mall Girl – Superstar
Mandy Moore – In Real Life
Melody’s Echo Chamber – Emotional Eternal
MNNQNS – The Second Principle : moody post-punk/new-wave via #France; #plodding
Monophonics – Sage Motel : dinner-party r&b/psych-soul
My Idea – Cry Mfer
Neko Case – Wild Creatures

Noon Garden – Beulah Spa : trippy psych dance indie
Orions Belte & Oyvind Blomstrom – Oyvind Blomstrom : groovy, freaky, smooth and motorik
Otoboke Beaver – Super Champon : ho-hum high-energy punk, the squeaky vox is the draw??
Particle Kid – Time Capsule : “you miss all the shots you don’t take”
Pink Mountaintops – Peacock Pools
Pkew Pkew Pkew – Open Bar : fun tight bursts of classic-rock/power-pop/punk
Psychedelic Porn Crumpets – Night Gnomes
Rain Perry – A White Album
Red Snapper – Everybody Is Somebody : dubby and laconic Brit/alt hip-hop neo-jazz
Roger Eno – The Turning Year

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – Endless Rooms : guitar-first indie-pop/rock; #abitvanilla
Shilpa Ray – Portrait Of A Lady
Sir Woman – Sir Woman : loose carefree and fun soulful r&b; #paintbynumber
Slackers, the – Don’t Let The Sunlight Fool Ya
Sons – Sweet Boy : intriguing psych-garage via #Belgium
Soul Glo – Diaspora Problems
Spiritualized – Everything Was Beautiful
Sticky Fingers – Lekkerboy
Sunflower Bean – Headful of Sugar : hard-charging for ‘different’, not really pulling it off
Surfrajettes, the – Roller Fink

Tigris – Hop Hop : instrumental electro-funk/jazz/pop jamz via #Mali and #Israel
Trombone Shorty – Lifted : ho-hum soul/r&b/funk; #straightnoswing #whitepeoplefunk



Billy Strings – Capitol Theatre, Port Chester NY 02-04

Lemonheads, the – Stubbs, ATX SXSW 03-17

Golden Smog – First Avenue, Minneapolis MN 04-02 (night one)
Golden Smog – First Avenue, Minneapolis MN 04-03 (night two)
Jack White – Van Andel Arena, Grand Rapids MI 04-10
Jack White – Petersen Events Center, Pittsburgh PA 04-14
Jack White – Place Bell, Laval, Quebec 04-16
Jack White – Agganis Arena, Boston MA 04-17

Jesus And Mary Chain, the – Live At Barrowland [reissue]
Fucked Up – David Comes to LIVE: Live at Warsaw, Brooklyn November 2011
Lyle Lovett – The Road To Pasadena (Live 1988)
Beatles, the – Get Back: The Rooftop Performance
Sheepdogs, the – Live At Lee’s
Luna – Live Penthouse
Georgia Satellites – Lightnin’ in a Bottle: The Official Live Album
Roky Erickson – Live at the Whisky 1981
Miley Cyrus – Attention Miley Live
Aerosmith – 1971: The Road Starts Hear

Tinariwen – The Radio Tisdas Sessions [remaster, orig 2001]
Jack White – Masonic Temple Theatre, Detroit, MI Apr 8 2022
Luna – Live Rendezvous



Broken Social Scene – Old Dead Young (B-Sides & Rarities)
David Bowie – Toy [Box]
Fruit Bats – Sometimes A Cloud Is Just A Cloud: Slow Growers, Sleeper Hits And Lost Songs (2001-2021)
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Butterfly 3001
Beatles, the – Get Back: The Rooftop Performance
PJ Harvey – Let England Shake [demos]
Viagra Boys – Welfare Jazz [deluxe ed] (orig 2021)
va – MOJO Presents: The Best Of 2021 [Jan22]
Florence And The Machine – Water To Drink Not Write About
va – 2021 David Bash’s Top 25 : #topnotchnatch

Moving Sidewalks – Flash (reissue, orig 1969)
Circle Jerks – Wild in the Streets [40th anniv ed]
Tame Impala – The Slow Rush B-Sides And Remixes
va – Ocean Child: Songs Of Yoko Ono
Daft Punk – Homework [25th anniv ed] (orig 1997)
Supernaturals, the – It Doesn’t Matter Anymore (expanded reissue, orig 1997)
Billy F Gibbons – Vagabond Man [JA release]
Calibro 35 – Traditori Di Tutti [deluxe reissue] (orig 2013)
Come – Peel Sessions ’91-’93
Five Day Rain – Good Year: The Five Day Rain Anthology

va – Fantastische Frauen
Betterdays, the – Hush Your Mouth: The Betterdays Anthology
Los Lobos – Vientos Del Pueblo [Remasterizado, orig 1972]
PJ Harvey – The Hope Six Demolition Project [demos]
DJ Jazzy Jeff – The Return Of The Magnificent (Instrumentals) [orig 2007]
Loud Family, the & Anton Barbeau – What If It Works [reissue, orig 2006]
Sonic Youth – In-Out-In
UNKLE – Ronin I (Instrumentals)
va – Black Lives: From Generation to Generation
va – First Six Dischord Records [vinyl box]

va – ReWiggled
Fucked Up – Do All Words Can Do
Hoodoo Gurus – Poptastic Volume 1
Leslie West – Legacy: A Tribute to Leslie West
Tinariwen – Amassakoul [remaster, orig 2004]
va – The Many Sides of Shake Some Action
Love Tractor – Themes From Venus [remaster, orig 1988]
Pavement – Terror Twilight: Farewell Horizontal (orig 1999)
va – C91
Franz Ferdinand – Hits To The Head

David Dondero – Number Zero With A Bullet [remaster, orig 2010]
Suzi Quatro – The Rock Box 1973-1979
va – Third Man Records Mix (JWhite cd2)
Brian Auger – Search Party (orig 1981)
Nightingales, the – King Rocker OST : great tunes, now I’m interested in the film…
Scott McCarl – Play On (reissue, orig 1997)
Calibro 35 – Decade (reissue, orig 1998)
Dodgy – The A&M Years [box]
Electric Light Orchestra – Eldorado (MFSL remaster, orig 1974)
T. Rex – Strange Orchestra Volume One

T. Rex – Strange Orchestra Volume Two
va – Dave Brock Presents… This Was Your Future: Space Rock & Other Psychedelics 1978-1998
va – DJ Kicks: Cinthie
va – Take Me To The River: New Orleans
Muffs, the – Really Really Happy (orig 2004)



Riley Walker – So Certain EP
Robin Guthrie – Springtime EP
Lime Cordiale & Idris Elba – Cordi Elba EP
Steve Gunn – Nakama EP
Pom Poko – This Is Our House EP
Senior Service, the – A Little More Time With EP
Marissa Nadler – The Wrath Of The Clouds EP : #manymanylevelsofboring
Yard Act – Rich EP
Sebastien Tellier – Symphonic EP
Sofia Bolt – Soft Like a Peach EP

Afternoon Men – AM:EP
Allison Moorer – Wish for You EP
Bob Mould – The Ocean EP
Elephant Stone – Le Voyage De M. Lonely Dans La Lune EP
Khruangbin & Leon Bridges – Texas Moon EP
NewDad – Banshee EP
Orville Peck – Bronco: Chapter 1
Reds, Pinks And Purples, the – Slow Torture Of An Hourly Wage EP
Wave Pictures, the – Winter EP
Mr. Oizo – Voila EP

Babehoven – Sunk EP
Bambara – Love On My Mind EP
David Bowie – Shadow Man (Unplugged & Somewhat Slightly Electric Mix) 7”
JEFF the Brotherhood – Ye Olde… EP : ambient/krautrock?
Naked Gypsy Queens – Georgiana EP
Arcade Fire – The Lightning I, II single
Burial – Nova / Moth single
Gruff Rhys – People Are Pissed single
King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard – Made In Timeland single
Left Banke, the – High Flyer EP

Orville Peck – Bronco Chapter 2 EP
Spoon – Wild EP
Sundara Karma – Oblivion! EP
Weezer – SZNZ Spring EP
Belligerents, the – Another Way Of Living EP
Dream Widow – Dream Widow EP : pedal to the floor; #foofighters
µ-Ziq – Goodbye EP
Sprints – A Modern Job EP
Tropical Fuck Storm – Satanic Slumber Party single
Vaccines, the – Planet Of The Youth EP

Kongos – Interference EP
Black Midi – Cavalcovers EP
Blackberry Smoke – Stoned EP
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – Room At The Top EP
Kongos – Flash Flood EP
Ólafur Arnalds – Sunrise Session II EP
Typhoon – Underground Complex No. 1 EP
Black Crowes, the – 1972 EP
Daisy Brain – Disconnected Happy EP
Dead Horse One – When Love Runs Dry EP

Division of Laura Lee – Last Light EP
Folk Implosion – Feel It If You Feel It EP
Garbage, the & the Flowers – Cinnamon Sea EP
Hoodoo Gurus – On The Heavy Side 2 EP
Kirk Hammett – Portals EP
Panic Shack – Baby Shack EP
Paolo Nutini – Through The Echoes/Lose It single
Parquet Courts – Plant Life single
Primus – Conspiranoid EP
Space Daze – Remote View EP

Sei Still – Fuzz Club Session EP