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The Drug Wars

The Drug Wars
who pays who what to get what who wants when?”

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Reefer Madness
– Marijuana Report: Smoke and Mirrors
Salvia divinorum
Medical pot cuts pain, study finds
Reefer Dadness
Is it dangerous to eat magic mushrooms before they have dried out?
Duluth police pot holds pot
How Crack Works
Practical Applications of the Philosopherís stone. For drunks.
Drug Emergencies in Crowds: An analysis of “Rock Medicine”
Drug Testing FAQ
Opium Poppy Cultivation and Heroin Processing in Southeast Asia
Drug War Crimes : The Consequences of Prohibition
Ain’t Nobody’s Business If You Do – Drugs A B
The Benefits Of Marijuana
The History of the Intoxicant Use of Marihuana
NewScientist Marijuana Special Report
Etymologies of joint, roach, and stoned
Booze: the consequences
Can use of Ecstacy cause fatal fever?
5-year old makes a bong for “show and tell”
It’ll kill you — wait, no it won’t
‘Drug check’ on signpost up ahead? It’s white-lie zone
Caffeine information
The Lost Art of the Bender
Pot smoking causes no permanent brain damage
Why the munchies?
Tripping De-Light Fantastic – Are psychedelic drugs good for you?
Drug-tax stamps
Kermit goes chronic
Does supply-side intervention work?
Street Terms: Drugs and the Drug Trade
Club des Hachichins, c. 1844
X a cause of Parkinsons?
Home Alcohol Distillation
Smoke Pot, Stay Outta Jail [LAW]
Cow shit huffing
Smoke Pot, become schizophrenic ??
Nutmeg, dude
How Beer Works
LUPEC – Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails dedicated to the drinks our mothers and grandmothers drank
DOPE by Dan Savage
Anti-Drug ads don’t work, may even encourage some young girls to puff
Christians for Cannabis
National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
Photoshop this Anti-Drug poster
The new Ritalin patch …one for each arm and leg, plus an extra for the bum should do…
Inside a medical marijuana farm
eAbsinthe [more]
Magic mushrooms legal in Japan ??
Anything less than 95% is criminal
The iMac Bong
Guiness contact lenses for St. Patty’s
Beer makes you smart Irish Independent News (har har)
Salvia : “the most intense experience humanly possible next to death.”
pssst – I think the prof’s stoned
Cop fed pot laden fast-food taco. [tsg]
Now the snowboarders are clean and the gymnasts are stoners????
I still don’t like yams
Hemp for Victory (1943 US Govt. commercial)
Underage drinking epidemic
Santa Cruz ‘Bud and Breakfast’
Oh that pot! That’s for a science project.
Busted for heroin-starch
List of drug informants hits the streets. Discarded police computers not erased.
A look at the Super Bowl ’02 commercials
Decaf Wacky Tobacky
New Olympic slogan? : Bong Hits For Jesus
15 year-old gets himself off
More than the munchies [nyt]
Pot: A Women’s Issue?[reuters]
Top 10 Drug War Distortions
You can drive high in Idaho. ?!? How bad is it? … [still OK after appeal]
Prince Harry: in training.
Man feeds Ecstasy-laced chocolates to family
Photo series: The Effects of Drugs and Prostitution
Long-term effects of Ritalin
God bless the Queen
That Crazy Oxy Shit!!
The new flavor of the year
2001 Stony Awards winners
100-year US drug timeline (FEED)
Feds Admit Fault In Giving LSD To Inmate
How to make a Gas Giant bong
We’re your pot smoking neighbors
How that Wacky Tobacky works
The hempire strikes back – Long term medical marijuana strategy
Legalize Heroin?– Very flawed analysis, but pretty interesting non-prohibitive theory
How Big Is Your Bong?
RITALIN. Mother’s-little-helper?
It’s safe to turn the lights back on…
THC shrinks tumors US gov. discovers in 1974!
Look to the north for sense. What’re they, stoned?
“It seems like every little thing is stacking up against me, …”
The incident above the deli. (7/16 update: arrest)
The aftermath: The drug war feeding itself.
Killed her baby with crack.
And of course those damn shit-hurling baboons
Liquid codeine in Houston – At least they ADMIT they don’t really care.
Repressed Dope Research: Number 22 of top censored stories of 2000
The Drug Companies ‘influence’ on the FDA and health orgs, including some disturbing “forced treatment” programs(NAMIPACT )
Supreme Court strikes down medicinal marijuana. They should put that to a vote, oh, that’s right…
NCEAC – National Campaign to Enhance Alcohol Consumtion
How Booze Works