Art is how we decorate space, Music is how we decorate time

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2004 : P

01 Soledad Brothers (Voice of Treason) – Cage That Tiger
02 Kings of Leon (Aha Shake Heartbreak) – Razz
03 The Czars (Goodbye) – Pain
04 Pinback (Too Many Shadows EP) – My Star
05 The Invisible Cities (Watertown)Double Fisted
06 The Features (Exhibit A) – There’s A Million Ways To Sing The Blues
07 The Donnas (The Gold Medal) – The Gold Medal
08 The Concretes (The Concretes)You Can’t Hurry Love
09 Saturday Looks Good To Me (Every Night) – Lift Me Up
10 Local H (web release) – Toxic [BSpears]
11 The Shins (San Diego, 02-08-04)When I Goose Step
12 Spoon (Rip. Sample. Mash. Share.) – Revenge!
13 Soundtrack of Our Lives (Origin I) – Midnight Children (Enfants de la Nuit)
14 Fiona Apple (Extraordinary Machine) – Better Version of Me
15 King Missile III (Royal Lunch) – Another Political Poem
16 Actionslacks (Full Upright Position companion) – Close To Tears (acoustic)
17 Cyann & Ben (Happy Like an Autumn Tree) – Obsessing And Screaming Voice In A Shell
18 DJ Krush (Jaku) – Stormy Cloud (feat. Ken Shima)
19 Two Lone Swordsmen (Peppered With Spastic Magic) – Nin.Com.Pop (Lali Puna-TLS Remix)
20 Midnight Movies (Midnight Movies) – Time And Space
21 Medeski, Martin and Wood (End Of The World Party (Just in Case)) – Shine It
22 U2 (Vertigo single) – Neon Lights [Kraftwerk]