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Berkeley Park & Rec – Illegal Bats

All Miken bats are now illegal

A Bat is ILLEGAL if…
It is constructed with two or more metal walls, layers, or shell, is marked to contain titanium, has a sealed air chamber, or exceeds 1.20 BPF rating, or appears on the list below.

Markings on the bat that will tell you…

Doublewall, multi-wall, multi-shell, tri-shell, triple shell, dual shell, two piece bats, quad shell, EST, Double, Double Action, Double Threat, Titanium, Air, Springsteel, Outlaw, Rebel, or exceeds 1.20

Manufacture Model Model No.
Anderson Fast Tech (blue)
Anderson Tech Wrap 11″ Shell (red)
Anderson Tech Wrap 12″ Shell (black)
Anderson Wrap Tech 2002
AST AST Max Force  
Bombat TD2  
Demarini B-52  
Demarini Double Wall Classic  
Demarini Doublewall Demolition  
Demarini Doublewall Distance  
Demarini Fatboy  
Demarini Ultimate Distance Doublewall  
Dudley Fusion  
Easton Connexion 2-Core Titanium ST5-ZB
Easton Connexion 2-Core Titanium ST5Z
Easton Reflex Rebel SRX9R
Easton Sc777 Tri-Shell STS3
Easton Sc777 Tri-Shell STS2
Easton Tri-Core  
Easton Tri-Shell  
Easton Tri-Shell STS3
Easton Tri-Shell Sc500  
Easton Z-Core Titanium SZ70-ZB
Easton Z-Core Titanium SZ-70Z
Easton STS4
Grover Dual Shell Platinum STS4
Kelley’s Wraptech STS4
Louisville Slugger/TPS&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Air Attack STS4
Louisville Slugger/TPS Air C555 FP25
Louisville Slugger/TPS Air Epitome – Lisa Fernandez&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp FP36
Louisville Slugger/TPS Air Inertia AL  
Louisville Slugger/TPS Double Threat SB-26
Louisville Slugger/TPS Inertia  
Louisville Slugger/TPS Springsteel  
Louisville Slugger/TPS TPS Double Action SB-29
Louisville Slugger/TPS TPS XXL SB-27
Louisville Slugger/TPS TPS XXL CU31 SB-37
Louisville Slugger/TPS TPS XXL Extreme Load SB-36
Louisville Slugger/TPS XXL FP-32
Louisville Slugger/TPS Genesis SB 103
Miken Viper 12  
Miken Viper 14  
Miken Velocit-E Ultra (Balanced)  
Miken Velocit-E Ultra (Maxload)  
Nike Airstorm GPT  
Nike Nike Air Max Thrust 45 PSI BT0035
Nike Nike Surge  
Nike Storm GPT BT0025
Nike Storm GFT FF BT0024
Steel’s Triple XXX  
Steel’s 7178 XLT-7178, XXLT-7178, XXLT-G-7178
Steel’s C555 (Green)  
Steel’s Laserflex XLT
Steel’s Laserflex XL3
Steel’s Turboflex XLT-6
Steel’s Turboflex XLT-4
Worth SSEST  
Worth EST 13″ Shell C555 Fast Pitch EST5
Worth 3DX  
Worth 3DX Fast Pitch 3DXFP
Worth 3DXB  
Worth 3DXE  
Worth CU31 Shell  
Worth EST 14″ Shell SSEST
Worth EST 15″ Shell C405 ESTL
Worth EST 15″ Shell C555 EST5
Worth EST 15″ Shell C555 Extra EST5E
Worth EST SE Gold  
Worth EST Quad Shell ESTQL
Worth EST WS23 EST23
Worth EST WS23 Lite EST9
Worth EST WS23E EST23E
Worth Power Link C405 Fast Pitch FP4B
Worth Power Link C555 Fast Pitch FP5B
Worth PST 137 PST137
Worth PST Vanadium  
Worth Quad Shell