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Syndir Guds

June 4th, 2002 · No Comments · Manila Home Page Archive

Cheer from inside the ball

(via Corsair the Rational Pirate)

RadioAndRecords station playlists:

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Skydiver Smashes Through Glider

The Enron Debacle
— In other, related news
Do executive-pay schemes motivate the big boondoggle?
That ugly beast GREED
— It’s fun to remember that for every stock that crashed, a few people likely got really, really rich. More money for fewer people; is that supposed to be surprising?

The Caption Machine

  • The India-Pakistan Confilict: “You know, this is precisely why I only read the sports and comics sections.”
  • For the record, I WILL freak out if you shit in my stove
    America’s finest news source – The Onion

    The (redesigned) Presurfer is back
    As seen on TV: does it work?

    I’ll have 2 Original Glazed and 1 Glass-shard filled, please

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