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May 30th, 2003 · No Comments · Manila Home Page Archive

Whatever happened to Steve from Blue’s Clues??

well, he’s making a CD with the Flaming Lips (no, really)
oh, and he’s in the Xmas on Mars movie, too

and the music’s pretty darn good

Babs going after California Coastal Records Project
she’s mostly pro-environment, unless she’s personally affected
looks like this got Farked, site will be slow…

It was never really about WMD
isn’t that pretty much what those evil Frenchies were saying all along??
war being sold to the world via ‘bureaucratic reasons’ – sounds like the beginning of the end of democracy to me

80’s comercials
(via arseblog)

The ghost of Jayson will return
How bad was Jayson Blair?
(in 2 parts from jcarroll)

2003 Beane Count aka damn the yankees are good

California Coastal Records Project


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