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February 14th, 2006 · No Comments · Manila Home Page Archive

  • Photoshop this: Roses are red, violets are blue
  • What Men Really Want for Valentine’s Day msnbc
    (via FARK)

  • Got $1,000? Why Not Try a Golden Opulence Sundae?
  • Google Video DRM: Why is Hollywood more important than users?
  • Student finds toilet water cleaner than ice at fast food restaurants
  • Handy identification chart for Vice-Presidential hunting trips
    (via boingboing)

    Be my enormous valentine: Love is in the air at an elephant camp in the former Thai kingdom of Ayutthaya, as Nam Choke, an 8-year-old bull, rubs trunks with Boonrawd, a 7-year-old cow.

    Classic Byrne and Eno Collaboration to be Reissued

  • The Catalogue [mov]cinematicfilm
  • The failure to calculate the costs of war
  • Micro-engines physorg
  • Download Growth Concerns Music Industry
  • Hey Bill, why am I still getting spam? theregister.uk
  • National security vs. whistle-blowing csmonitor
  • The Strength of Internet Ties pewinternet
  • Introduction to Legal FAQs on NSA Wiretaps peterswire
  • When You Fly in First Class, It’s Easy to Forget the Dots heraldtribune
  • Government subsidies to airlines practicalnomad
  • Domestic Spying: Bush Appointees Revolt newsweek
  • AT&T sued over NSA eavesdropping spamdaily
  • Cable Market Power For Dummies wetmachine
  • History and Senator Stevens’ iPodEFF
  • U.S. Government to Put ‘Cyber Katrina’ to the Test eweek
  • Google to Telcos:’Broadband? We Don’t Need No Steenking Broadband!’ eweek
  • US plans massive data sweep csmonitor
  • Libby: White House ‘superiors’ authorized leaks cnn
  • EFF Challenges Clear Channel Recording Patent EFF
  • E-tracking through your cell phone news.com
    (more-or-less via IP)


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