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June 5th, 2006 · No Comments · Manila Home Page Archive

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  • An unannounced but potent war on science.
    In which we consider the utility of stinks and bangs, and try to strike a balance between curiosity and criminality.

  • What bloody separation of powers?
    Congress has been sitting on Dick Cheney’s lap and accepting tasty treats from Jack Abramoff for six years now.

    Foundations of Six Sigma Management informit

    Chuck Schupp: MLB’s Bat-man thebaseballreport
    Baseball’s numbers revered by many mercurynews
    Art of baseball: Radio deities who call the shots seattletimes
    Griffey could be most likely big name for Yanks newsday
    Baseball for Life nytimes
    Rockies keep their iPods on the ball denverpost
    Center of Attention sfgate
    Royals Hire Tom Emanski To Teach Them Fundamentals Of Baseball theonion

    Yuzu & Huckleberry sfgate
    How these and other obscure ingredients end up on so many Bay Area menus

  • Who’s A Girl Gotta Fuck To Get Some Closure On Her Relationship With Her Father?
  • New Triple-X Dinosaur Park Opens In Nevada
  • Infographic: GnR album delay
    – all hail theonion

  • How to slow the spread of the bomb csmonitor
  • Proposal to Implant Tracking Chips in Immigrants livescience
  • Orbiting gas stations key to interplanetary exploration newscientistspace
  • Satellite could open door on extra dimension newscientistspace
  • Court outlaws EU-U.S. passenger data transfer news.com
  • Neutral Net? Who Are You Kidding? wired
  • Feds put squeeze on Internet firms cnn tech
  • Blogs ó the Hill’s version of talk radio usatoday
  • HIV origin ‘found in wild chimps’ bbcnews
    (via FutureBrief)

    2002 : Science Toys You Can Make With Your Kids
    2005 : You are being tracked

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