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May 23rd, 2008 · No Comments · Manila Home Page Archive

Reality may set in for certain teams - krosenthal
Manny not a hard worker? Ask his teammates - krosenthal
Q&A: D-backs’ emerging star Upton speaks up - krosenthal
Who are baseball’s top defenders so far this year? - actasports

  • Reality Check: What does Gartner really DO?
  • IT Wars: When we fight over IT, nobody wins.
    - cringely

    &nbsp TEDBlog

  • Malcolm Gladwell: What we can learn from spaghetti sauce
  • Wake up! It’s They Might Be Giants

    Schultz’s Second Act Jolts Starbucks - wsj

    Gene doping is next frontier of performance enhancers in sports - kansascity

  • The Return of the One-Man Band
  • Soccer as N.B.A. Building Block
  • Platypus Looks Strange on the Inside, Too
  • The Uneven Playing Field
  • Hoop Data Dreams - freakonomics
  • Who Will Tell the People? - tfriedman
  • An Invitation to Childís Play: Big Blocks and Wheelbarrows
  • Lots of Animals Learn, but Smarter Isnít Better
  • Can You Become a Creature of New Habits?
  • Wineís Pleasures: Are They All in Your Head?
  • Exercise Your Brain, or Else Youíll … Uh …
    &nbsp&nbsp Lumosity
    &nbsp&nbsp Happy neuron

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