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October 27th, 2008 · No Comments · Manila Home Page Archive

  • Fears of Lehman’s CDS derivatives haunt markets telegraph
    &nbsp Lehman Debt Swaps Settled for $5.2 Billion dealbook nytimes

  • US superpower status is shaken bbc
  • The Things He Carried theatlantic
    &nbsp Kip Hawley Responds to My Airport Security Antics bschneier

  • Subprime Suspects slate
    &nbsp Center for Responsible Lending

  • Eat This, Not That menshealth
  • Bush signs RIAA-backed intellectual-property law cnet
  • Report: NSA Listened in on Personal Military Calls abcnews
  • Microsoft’s Mundie: U.S. Broadband Efforts ‘A Total Policy Failure’ washingtonpost
  • Government report: Data mining doesn’t work well cnet
  • FCC Probes Ties Between Military and Pundits washingtonpost
  • Facial Recognition Software, For Everyone slaw.ca
  • Industries Seeking Rescue Gave Twice as Much to Senators Who Backed Bailout opensecrets
  • Pandora radio fights unjust royalty hikes marketwatch
  • A Vegetarian Diet Shrinks the Brain asylum
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    2006 : You Cannot Stop Marshawn

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