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Entries from February 27th, 2012

I am a rich man, as long as I do not repay my creditors.

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  DrBeeper 2002 mix flashback :
    DrBeeper Deluxe   [download]

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You will not back up an inch ever; that’s why you will not survive

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  DrBeeper 2005 mix flashback :
    A.Y.B.A.B.T.DrB   [download]
You have no chance to survive make your time.

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But there was no decency; there was only the lust for profits.

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The SOPA War: A Frantic Call, an Aborted Summit, and Dramatic New Details on How Hollywood Lost – hollywoodreporter
Lawrence Lessig on How Money Corrupts Congress – and How to Stop It – rollingstone
Living In A QE World – ritholtz
Why Wall Street Should Stop Whining – mtaibbi   rollingstone
The Top 12 [...]

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high typing is nothing like drunk dialing

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  New DrBeeper 2012 sampler :
    Another spring unfurls   [download]
…appearing somewhere near you.


  Anatomy of a Tear-Jerker – wsj
  Complete Music Rankings – albumoftheyear
  Liz Phair on Why Lana Del Rey Scares Rock’s Boys Club – speakeasy @ wsj
  ‘Rock and roll will never die’: The [...]

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forced to rely upon the discretion of a demonstrably corrupt and consistently idiotic government

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  DrBeeper 2005 mix flashback :
    I Couldn’t Help Being Mean   [download]

2003 : Industorious Clock

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