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Entries from March 30th, 2012

nine laughs, two moments of tears, and a solution to the most puzzling problems facing us

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  Bob Mould Talks ‘Copper Blue’ and His Possibly ‘Loud Guitar’ Next Album – billboard
  Mastered for iTunes: how audio engineers tweak music for the iPod age- arstechnica
  Jim White :: The AD Interview- aquariumdrunkard
  69 Love Songs, Illustrated. – howfuckingromantic
  NPR Music live from SXSW
Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers – I [...]

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Dawn breaks across this town and a new dawn breaks for me.

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  New DrBeeper 2012 sampler :
    Spring Cleaning   [download]
Three years of dust bunnies


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In an age of the chewable Ambien tab; all that remains is in the arms of an angel

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Bank of America: Too Crooked to Fail – mtaibbi   rollingstone
Killing the competition: How the new monopolies are destroying open markets – harpers
Open-Ended Bailouts Are Continuing for Big Banks – ritholtz
MF’s Corzine Ordered Funds Moved to JP Morgan, Memo Says – bloomberg
Corzine Theft is Going to be the Best Show [...]

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the notion that creativity can be owned, and that any use of someone else’s ideas requires compensation, is nothing but an attempt to steal all of creativity

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  New DrBeeper 2012 sampler :
    RICE saves   [download]
Injured by standing?

2002 : Public radio’s bad dream

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Every form of prohibition merely creates another underground or three.

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Let’s Start Paying College Athletes – nytimes
The Cost to Punting – thesportseconomist
    (2009) Belechick Understands Probability Better than Media


Whatever Happened to the Spitball? – grantland
For Mets, Vast Debt and Not a Lot of Time – nytimes
AL suddenly has six super teams – krosenthal
2011 MLB Salaries See 3% Increase – [...]

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You have to start acknowledging these people for what they are, and that is moral degenerates who are basically sociopaths and psychopaths.

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The Federal Reserve’s Drive to Inflation – usnews
1971 is when #Nixon went off #gold. Find it on this chart. What price stability looks like w/ & w/out a gold standard… – jrickards @ twitter
Icelandic Anger Brings Debt Forgiveness in Best Recovery Story – bloomberg
Primer on Citizens United
Has Derivatives Deleveraging Fueled [...]

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