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the only certainty is that what we’re watching is irresponsibility on an epic scale

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Fiat Money Explained

  • Everything Is Rigged: The Biggest Price-Fixing Scandal Ever mtaibbi   rollingstone

  • Income Inequality: 1 Inch to 5 Miles dcjohnston   taxanalysts
  • Why Should Taxpayers Give Big Banks $83 Billion a Year? bloomberg
  • Pew: 93% of households lost net worth 2009-11 usatoday
  • Corporate Tax Cheats on Tax Day thecontributor

  • Basel III Capital: A Well-Intended Illusion fdic
  • Winner Takes All: The Super-priority Status of Derivatives ebrown   maxkeiser
  • Congress Acts Quickly to Kill Transparency For Their Own Shady Insider Trading politicususa
  • While Wronged Homeowners Got $300 Apiece in Foreclosure Settlement, Consultants Who Helped Protect Banks Got $2 Billion mtaibbi   rollingstone
  • The land rush behind the Bitcoin price payglo.be
  • Wall Street’s Bunco Artists maxkeiser
  • A Line Of Demarcation Through The Eurozone Is Taking Shape testosteronepit
  • Global Banking Crisis – How & Why YOU Will Get “Cyprus’d” As This Bank Scrambled For Capital boombustblog
    What is Money
    You’re a Loser If You are Saving

    What Is Money? (1947)
    Money As Debt (Full Length Documentary)


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