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Red-chili paste

3-5 dried Ancho chili pods
1-2 dried Guajillo chili pods
(Dried Chilis de Arbol can be added for heat, if desired)
3-4 Garlic cloves
1/4c toasted hazelnuts (blanched if avail)
2t salt (omit if using canned stock)
2T raisins
Turkey/chicken stock

Break up the dried chilis, removing the stems and seeds
Lightly toast the dried chili pieces in a hot pan (1-2 mins)
Place the toasted chilis in a bowl of very hot water to soak, until soft (~20 mins)

Once the chilis are soft, remove them from the water and blot them dry with a paper towel
(you may want to reserve the chili liquid (sometimes called “tea”), it’s typically too bitter for me, but some people love it)

Place the soft chilis into a food processor or blender with the salt, garlic and hazelnuts.
Puree until smooth, adding stock (or chili “tea”) to loosen. (looking for somewhere between a thick paste and a looser sauce).
– The chilis can be tough to get to puree fully – I like to make sure I can’t feel the chili skins on my tongue/teeth to know I’m done
Add raisins as needed to add some sweetness
(the chilis themselves vary widely in bitterness, the raisins help beat back the bitter, while adding some earthy sweetness)

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