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Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies.

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Chase Isn’t the Only Bank in Trouble – mtaibbi   rollingstone
Wage Stagnation and Market Outcomes – economix   nytimes
RIP, American Dream? Why It’s So Hard for the Poor to Get Ahead Today – theatlantic
Introducing ‘The Tuition is Too Damn High’ – 10parts   washingtonpost
After the Meltdown – publicintegrity
How Private [...]

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the wingnut trifecta… anti-intellectual, anti-science and patronizingly racist

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Leonard Bernstein: Inside Pop – The Rock Revolution (1967)
  Janelle Monáe: Mind Control – pitchfork
  London Calling: The Sound of Going to Pieces – wsj
  Ty Segall: A Portrait of the Artist as F***in’ Psyched! – spin
  Why does a major chord sound happy, while a minor chord sounds sad? [...]

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the difference between doing something and doing nothing at all turns out to be a huge difference

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The Last Mystery of the Financial Crisis
‘You F–ked Up, You Trusted Us’: Talking Ratings Agencies
Everything is Rigged, Vol. 9,713: This Time, It’s Currencies
Chase, Once Considered ‘The Good Bank,’ Is About to Pay Another Massive Settlement
Chase Made Errors in Nine Percent of Credit-Card Collection Lawsuits, Internal Survey Finds
New Bank Investigations: [...]

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occupying the bracingly tart if narrow interval separating the hopelessly bland from the unspeakably vile

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Behavioral Economics for Kids [pdf]
Brain, Interrupted – nytimes
The Art of Comics No. 1: Interview R. Crumb-
Bill Nye: Firebrand for Science, and Big Man on Campus – nytimes
Top 10 Iconic Data Graphics – fastcolabs
Salt Lake City, Utah – This is the place – dbyrne
Why Rational People Buy Into [...]

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we want to know that we disturbed the comfortable and comforted the disturbed

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  You Listen To This Man Every Day – dailybeast
  Steely Dan on Making New Music: We’ve Been Talking – rollingstone
  Lawsuit Filed To Prove Happy Birthday Is In The Public Domain – techdirt
  Bradley’s Almanac
  Bootleg Rambler
  rawk guit
  dj BC

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if i had all of the answers and you had the body you wanted would we love with a legendary fire?

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Stadiums Cost Taxpayers Extra $10 Billion – bloomberg
What’s a Name Worth? – thesportseconomist

The Art of Pitch Framing – grantland
Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris And Jim Gentile: The Story Of Baseball’s Forgotten 1961 Sensation – thepostgame
Bryce Harper: A swing of beauty – washingtonpost
Money on the Bench – nytimes
What are [...]

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Bluegrass, Kentucky Bluegrass, Featherbed Bent, and Northern California Sensemilia

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  Two more DrBeeper samplers for 2013:
    Lambda3   [download]

    Lambda4   [download]

Old school: The Loved Ones

2008 : The Science of Sarcasm (Not That You Care)
2003 : We’re All Gonna Die!

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Like wars, forest fires and bad marriages, really stupid laws are much easier to begin than they are to end.

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Digital Surveillance – openrightsgroup
Why the Snoopers’ Charter is the wrong approach: A call for targeted and accountable investigatory powers
  — Snowden saw what I saw: surveillance criminally subverting the constitution – guardian
  — Inside the NSA’s Domestic Surveillance Apparatus: Whistleblower William Binney Speaks Out – democracynow
As Bradley Manning [...]

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Politics determine who has the power, not who has the truth.

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Why Are Homeowners Being Jailed for Demanding Wall Street Prosecutions? – rollingstone
Unions to Banks: Pay Up – americanprospect
CEO Pay 1,795-to-1 Multiple of Wages Skirts U.S. Law – bloomberg
Too-Big-to-Fail Takes Another Body Blow – mtaibbi   rollingstone
Deja Vu on the Hill: Wall Street Lobbyists Roll Back Finance Reform, Again – mtaibbi [...]

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Baseball is all about the acronyms and the link to other acronyms

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Organizational Architecture of College Sports Behind the Scandals
Maintaining a Credible Threat – thesportseconomist

Is Your Team’s Owner a Major League Asshole? – motherjones
Segura’s baserunning adventures [video] – mlb
MLB uniforms 2013 – flipflopflyball
Can money buy baseball glory? [interactive] – latimes
Team-building with Billy Beane and Theo Epstein – providencejournal
Why the [...]

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