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the difference between doing something and doing nothing at all turns out to be a huge difference

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The Last Mystery of the Financial Crisis
‘You F–ked Up, You Trusted Us’: Talking Ratings Agencies
Everything is Rigged, Vol. 9,713: This Time, It’s Currencies
Chase, Once Considered ‘The Good Bank,’ Is About to Pay Another Massive Settlement
Chase Made Errors in Nine Percent of Credit-Card Collection Lawsuits, Internal Survey Finds
New Bank Investigations: [...]

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You realize that how seriously you take a two-bit joke is exactly why said two-bit joke exists?

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Anonymous 101 Part Deux: Morals Triumph Over Lulz Part1   – wired

Between the Lines – lamag
2011 in Review: The Year Secrecy Jumped the Shark -eff
SOPA Debate Highlights Congress’s Ignorance – m2
bike lanes [slyt] – caseyneistat


  Gravel Pit: the voice and times of Tom Waits – newyorker
  Visible Tom [...]

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… if you can listen to this stuff and not piss yourself with shame, you have a serious problem.

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Anonymous 101: Introduction to the Lulz – wired


Imagining A Middle Class Does Not Create One – oftwominds
Finally, a Judge Stands up to Wall Street – mtaibbi   rollingstone
Devastating Analysis of MIRS – nakedcapitalism
MF Signs Death Warrant for Short-Term Funding – businessweek
Mike Bloomberg’s Marie Antoinette Moment – mtaibbi   rollingstone
What [...]

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If you can’t fit a story into the culture-war storyline in ten seconds or less, it dies.

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Massive default is best way to fix the economy – barends   marketwatch
Is The US Monetary System On The Verge Of Collapse? – dgalland   zerohedge
Our Sputtering Economy by the Numbers: Poverty Edition – propublica
E. Warren Tells It Like it Is: “No One in This Country Got Rich on his Own” [...]

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