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Entries from June 4th, 2002

Syndir Guds

June 4th, 2002 · Comments Off on Syndir Guds · Manila Home Page Archive

(via Corsair the Rational Pirate) RadioAndRecords station playlists: KFOG&nbsp(Jimmy&nbspEat&nbspWorld&nbsp-&nbsp33) KITS&nbspLinkin&nbspPark&nbsp-&nbsp42) KLLC&nbsp(Puddle&nbspof&nbspMudd&nbsp-&nbsp57) KMEL&nbspCamron&nbsp-&nbsp63) (via FARK) RTFM Skydiver Smashes Through Glider The Enron Debacle — In other, related news Do executive-pay schemes motivate the big boondoggle? That ugly beast GREED — It’s fun to remember that for every stock that crashed, a few people likely got really, […]

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