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you can do that if you’re a professional rock band

May 15th, 2003 · No Comments · Manila Home Page Archive

Dean and Britta

The Onion : America’s Finest News Source
Zoloft for Everything
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspMaybe it’s because you’re so baked, but you’ve watched
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspthat ad three dozen times, and you still can’t figure out
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsphow marijuana got that girl pregnant.

The Lemon: History of the Internet


Shirk Ethic: How to Fake A Hard Day at the Office
(via metafilter)

Let’s Build A Home
(4th vid from Conan) (caution BIG)

Critical Masturbation
save the bikers, lose Critical Mass

Pun About Death Goes Here For Title: mcsweeneys

Complete works of Poe
(via mimi smartypants)

OBP = $$

Last Year

last year it was a joke


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