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May 27th, 2003 · No Comments · Manila Home Page Archive

Hunter S. Thompson on the NBA playoffs:

Summer has never been the same since the 2000 Presidential Election, when we still seemed to be a prosperous nation at peace with the world, more or less. Two summers later, we were a dead-broke nation at war, with all but three or four countries in the world, and three of those don’t count. Spain and Italy were flummoxed, and England has allowed itself to be taken over and stigmatized by some corrupt little shyster who enjoys his slimy role as a pimp and a prostitute all at once — selling a once-proud nation of independent-thinking people down the river and into a deadly swamp of slavery to the pimps who love Jesus and George Bush and the war-crazed U.S. Pentagon.

Garbage: How a community can reduce waste

Look at the lovely oh, never mind jcarroll
golf, corn, hunger, AND print ads

Thx flavorpill for the fine, fine Calla show …

Move over LeBron, here comes Freddy

War in Iraq won with $$


“Can Bush get away with it? Can he turn in the most dismal economic performance of any president in decades and still win re-election?”
(asks MouseMusings)
<nearly 2M jobs lost since the last Bush big tax cut (’01).
I hope this one does a bit better.
That $800 I may get is a LOT less than my salary>

what’s happened in Tex?


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