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she’s fifty years old, for crying out loud

January 6th, 2004 · No Comments · Manila Home Page Archive

Bush in 30 seconds
a political advertising contest
&nbsp moveon.org

Skype: Net Telephony as File-Trading BizWk
(via the IP list)

Q&A : Road Killers mgladwell
the boom of the S.U.V. culture
The Best of the ‘Best’

How top-ten lists are problematic
&nbsp&nbsp NewYorker

The Situation Is All That’s Really Sorry tboswell
But the sinner gets the headline, doesn’t he? The Prodigal Son gets the feast. What a lousy parable.

Hits-leader or not, keep the lifetime ban; Rose can go in the Hall when he’s dead; there shouldn’t be profit in lying for 14 years (not to mention the gambling…) {and what a jack-ass for stealing the thunder of Eck and Molitor}


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