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"What? And become a victim of our foreign policy?"

November 3rd, 2004 · No Comments · Manila Home Page Archive

Brief DrBeeper commentary :
So, the election was a great big bust. Apparently enough people think that religious fundamentalism is the best way to combat religious fundamentalism and that national solvency is a silly, outdated idea (or maybe they’re all just dumb as rocks).
But, until the impending apocalypse descends upon us, DrBeeper vows to try and rise above the continuing (lack-of) political discourse.
Back to being a stoned-slacker, with more dookie jokes and the like…

Chavez wins Gold Glove
Jeter wins at SS (?? WTF).
But then that’s just the 2nd worse election outcome this week.

My life as an immigrant -or-
(one immigrant’s short graphic comments about entering the world of true democracy)
(via boingboing)

Why is my baby crying? mcsweeneys


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