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Bring that spark – Let’s get ’em goin’

April 18th, 2005 · No Comments · Manila Home Page Archive

Defenders carry RSL to 1st victory
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp – We didn’t need to know soccer to enjoy it
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp – 25,287 fans pack opener
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp – Next week -vs- FC Dallas for 1st place
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp – Commemorative ticket

Rob Neyer interview metsgeek
The Business of Baseball forbes
Color them colorful – trendy uniforms proliferate SI
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Coming Up Cherries ladybugletter
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Awright!, or Constructing By Feel:
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp  An Interview with Spoon’s Britt Daniel popmatters
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  • What’s the origin of the “F” word?
  • You’ll put your eye out

    The Straight Dope

  • Arsenal’s cultured ministry of defence observer
  • RvP gets clocked
    (via arseblog)

    What have we learned after two weeks? bbtoaster
    When Punctuated Equilibrium Devours The Cards & Nats:
    &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Tony LaRussa & Don Coffin managementbybaseball

    Comcast sued for disclosing customer info
    (via “IP“)

    nifty Excel calendar makers : VBA script & multi-cell array

    David Byrne on recent U.S. visa restrictions
    “It amounts to a kind of cultural censorship. Call me paranoid, but given all the manipulative tricks the Republicans have gotten up to recently, I am prepared to believe that this has less to do with Homeland security and more to do with keeping the American public ignorant and free of foreign influence and inspiration. An ill-informed, isolated, ignorant populace is a populace easily manipulated. Fed a diet of reality shows coupled with faith-based reasoning (an oxymoron if ever there was one) and you have a perfect recipe for a country in which the government that can do more or less whatever it wants. Democracy becomes a farce without access to information. And culture ó music, theater, dance, etc. ó is information for the heart.”

    New DrBeeper compilation :

  • Monochrome 4: Blue&nbsp&nbsp feeling under the weather?


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