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January 18th, 2006 · No Comments · Manila Home Page Archive

Lake eerie: Waves break on the surface of the Salton Sea in an eight-second time-exposure photo taken near Westmorland, Calif. The ghostly lighting comes from moonlight, phosphorescent algae and nearby geothermal plants.

FAQ About the Baseball Labor Negotiations dgrabiner
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  • Scientists look for secrets of foamy beer foodnavigator
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    The real scandal: moves to privatize higher education sfgate
    Fortunately, this is a choice that voters have not yet made and can still resist

    Drug Addled slate
    Why Bush’s prescription plan is such a fiasco.

    Bush v. Reality motherjones
    War, Trials, Leakers, Investigations, Packed Courts, and a Constitutional Crisis

    BYU Goes Pro (Sort of) thesportseconomist

    2004: You’re not helpless, you only feel that way.

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