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Never got a flash out of cocktails, When I got some flesh off the bone.

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I have known for some time that I have WPCDD. jcarroll
It is some sort of joke, until you have it. Then it’s not a joke.

  • More immigrant-bashing on the way
    I don’t see why we should stop blaming newcomers for our troubles just because they’re not in charge of anything.

  • The politics of greed
    — “justice for all” seems like an embarrassingly archaic tag.

    respectful : responsible : honest : generous : caring

    Okies from Outer Space rollingstone
    Indie stores turn to used CDs oregonlive
    Bush: Sunday Bloody Sunday &nbsp http://www.youtube.com

    60 Years and 1,000 Tales Since 14 Were Ejected nytimes
    Disabled List Offers Mark Prior Two-Year, $8 Million Extension theonion
    One strike away … yet another one eludes NL jstark
    The Questions of the Second Half eneel

    Dontrelle as a Magic Crystal part2 [part1] – mgmtbybaseball
    How Are the ’06 Marlins Doing It?

    The Game Theory of Penalty Kicks gelfmagazine

    Dinner: The Game Plan
    Strategic cooking yields nine delicious meals
    Some assembly required
    Pre-prepared meal companies entice time-starved families

    NYTimes Link Generator

    Mushroom Drug Produces Mystical Experience sfgate

    We’re bedazzled by Buffett, Lay morality plays sfgate
    One way or another, business has got our attention big time.

    Al Gore 3.0 rollingstone

  • Brain sensor helps paralyzed people do tasks usatoday
  • ‘Global fear’ over energy plans bbc
  • This is a computer on your brain wired
  • Rogue Giants at Sea nytimes
  • Identity Thief Finds Easy Money Hard to Resist nytimes
  • The Democratization of Communications jharrow
    (via FutureBrief)

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