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easy to dislike and almost certainly disingenuous

August 11th, 2007 · No Comments · Manila Home Page Archive

In Iraq, we’re the minions. jcarroll
We’re going against our own national narrative.

Terra Firma ó nejm
A Journey from Migrant Farm Labor to Neurosurgery

Longshore on list for Manning Award sfgate
Hampton has lead in starting corner battle sfgate
Forsett is golden, but who’s next? cctimes
Longshore Trims Down, Bears Speeding Up dailycal
Harbaugh On Cal: Setting the Record Straight scout
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp subtext: he’ll talk about anything but ‘furd FB [and he’s an arsehole]
  Pac-10 Commish Not Dealing in Reality si
  Tennessee suspends Coker indefinitely for rules violation si
  Coaches, players embracing trickeration trend espn

Matsuzaka: The Riddle tverducci
Brian Sabean Q & A: Live and unplugged about the Giantsí down-turn tkawakami
Beyond the bay, the stretch drive holds promise sfgate
Buffett Is Invested in Rodriguez nytimes
Move Your Rook battersbox

 Avett Brothers honor North Carolina roots, but look forward sfgate
 Interview: Blake Sennett LAist
 John Darnielle on Furniture Huschle covers mungbeing
 Sea Wolf: Live on MOKB mokb
http://www.youtube.com Islands – Rough Gem
http://www.youtube.com Islands – Don’t Call Me Whitney, Bobby
http://www.youtube.com Islands – Tsuxiit

The Vanishing Complete Game sportseconomist
Better “Technology” or Just Agency Problems

The Rangers’ Live-Time Experiment; mgmtbybaseball
When to Try Contrarian Platooning

Scrape together a simple granita sfgate

  • AT&T Says It Didn’t Censor Pearl Jam yahoo
  • Iraq war czar: Consider a draft cnn
  • Citing Four-Day Old Surveillance Law, Bush Seeks Dismissal of Lawsuit Challenging NSA Spying wired
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    2006: Real Trooper

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