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Super Disco Breakin’

July 25th, 2002 · No Comments · Manila Home Page Archive

They lifted up the sun, the privilege has been won, the limits now are none. The Soft Bulletin II has begun.

Lick a boobie, lose all your money
— when it sounds too good to be true …
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Molly Ivins‘Magic’ turning us into toads
the Telecommunications Deregulation Act of 1996

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Green Lantern -vs- Aquaman
Sex and the Titty — a new trend?
Boy’s penis eaten by ass. no worries, it’s sewn back on
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Laugh of the Month

Watford fan give’s his bird hep, she slags him on the team message boards; bored fans egg ’em on.

notable quotes

    Beats the day to day pre season blues.
    not sure if he means a real goat or an old goat if you know what i mean
    deserves to be deknackered, deknobed and deceased
    enough for this morning Brian i will have to save some stuff
    i bet u didnt tell this lot …that your dad is a Luton Fan
    my dad thinks you gave pete one up the backside
    anyone seen the new bit of grafitti at Bushey Arches?
    Lesson of the story – Be it goats or slappers – always wear a dunkie
    you deserve a medal for not chopping his knackers off…
    … goalkeepers, “wing halves”, alphabetti heppi
    They put their bog roll in a bin for fcuks sake
    … whoever told him that dipping it in bleach and scrubbing it with sand paper…
    a call from Brians mother last night she called me a silly little biitch
    I never said anything about Hep E – I said I wanted to drop out and become a HIPPY!!!

— the longest thread ever?


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