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March 1st, 2004 · No Comments · Manila Home Page Archive

  • Bush Ejects Two From Bioethics Council WashPost
    Changes Renew Criticism That the President Puts Politics Ahead of Science

  • President George Bush and the Gilded Age GLOCOM
  • Behind the Rise of Google Lies the Rise in Internet Credibility NYTimes
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    No bad idea left behind
    Except, as we find again and again with this administration, that’s a bait-and-switch con job.
    Looking at Freddie and Fannie’s finances
    You know, when a bleeding-heart liberal like me has to sit around lecturing a Republican administration on fiscal responsibility, we’re in a sorry pass.

    iTunes iSbogus
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    BP Basics – How to Run a Bullpen
    BP Basics – Stolen Bases and How to Use Them
    BP Basics – Just Another Out?


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