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Entries from December 28th, 2009

a tale of licentious inebriation

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  What a difference a decade makes in music – houstonchron
  A year out, where’s RIAA’s promised ISP help? – cnet
  Hipster Runoff
  The Bavarian Druglords
Vic Chesnutt – Supernatural
Sugar – Your Favorite Thing
Bob Mould – Sinners And Their Repentances, 1989
Bob Mould & Craig Kilborn – [...]

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The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable.

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DrBeeper sampler repost :
    2008: Zeta ix   [download]


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Wouldn’t it just be easier to teach Texans how to read?

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The joys of corruption – jcarroll
When you confuse yourself with an entire religion, you may have some grandiosity issues.

Electric Skaterland – austinchronicle
Austin births a Roller Derby revolution


The Noughtie List: the 2000s in Review – kottke
The 2009 Good Gift Games – defectiveyeti in themorningnews


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they spend all their money on Ho Hos

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  Oar After 40 Years: Brilliant or Mere Ramblings? – crawdaddy
  Facts about file-sharing – bbc
  My Hilarious Warner Bros. Royalty Statement – toomuchjoy
  MPAA Says Copyright-Treaty Critics Hate Hollywood – wired
  John Mayer/Bon Jovi – lefsetz
  Bill’s Map
  Radio Moscow: The Early Days – myspace

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