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a little more cruising down the highway, and a little less doing crystal meth on New Year’s

October 31st, 2012 · Comments Off · Uncategorized

   Spotlight on the WFTDA: 2012

  Super Bowl L: Mayor Lee Makes Dubious Claims of Economic Boost – sfweekly

  Alternative Ownership Models on Display in Soccer – sportseconomist

  High-Speed Video Clips from the 2012 NLCS and World Series – physicsofbaseball
  An Analysis of Hunter Pence’s “Triple Double” – physicsofbaseball
  Pitching Grips – How To [...]

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Think of a number; divide it by 2

July 3rd, 2012 · Comments Off · Uncategorized

  Superbowl XLV Film Study, Part 1: Aaron Rodgers Knows Best
  Superbowl XLV Film Study, Part 2: Aaron Rodgers Still Knows Best
  Superbowl XLV Film Study, Part 3: Disguising the Defense – hydrotech   californiagoldenblogs
  Debate: College Football Should Be Banned – slate
  Offensive Play: How different are dogfighting and football? (2009) – mgladwell   [...]

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I want ego, I need superego, and all I’m getting here is id

August 12th, 2011 · Comments Off · Uncategorized


Long Time Coming – austinchronicle
Hustlers win 2011 championship – examiner


Cal Football 2010
Fall Camp: Storylines to watch – dailycal
Training Camp:O-line   D-line   LB   RB   QB   WR   DB   ST   – beartalk
Fall Camp Preview:   O-line   WR/TE   RB   QB   D-line [...]

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with a disinterested shrug and a semi-obscure pop-culture reference delivered with wry resignation.

June 15th, 2011 · Comments Off · Uncategorized


Getting to know you… Bad Influence – txrg
Hustlers, Honeys advance to championship game – parnold   examiner


  5X5Y: 25 Years of SXSW Music – AustinCityConx
  What’s In a Concert Ticket? New Book Details ‘How the Public Got Scalped’ – hollywoodreporter
  Jonathan Donahue On The Troubled Birth Of Mercury Rev’s Deserter’s Songs [...]

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you can hang a black t-shirt over a web-cam and within ten minutes half of middle America thinks it’s a total eclipse of the sun.

June 2nd, 2011 · Comments Off · Uncategorized


“Literally Unbelievable”

Harmon Killebrew was a treasure – jcaple
Dr. Noto On Stem Cell Surgery: “You’ve just seen the tip of the iceberg here…” – sportsradiointerviews
Age Old, Old Age Dilemma – thesportseconomist
The break of the curveball – Best Illusions
2012 Contract Issues: Oakland Athletics – mlbtraderumors

2010 TXRG Recap highlights
  Inside Austin [...]

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my memories of kisses given and received will far outlast my memory of the key plot points of “Romeo and Juliet.”

May 26th, 2011 · Comments Off · Uncategorized


The Secret Sharer: Is Thomas Drake an enemy of the state? – newyorker
How Roger Ailes Built the Fox News Fear Factory – rollingstone


Derby Baby: A Story of Love, Addiction and Rink Rash [trailer]
  Hustlers, Honeys pick up wins – examiner
  Upsets and Futures – austinchronicle
  Roller Derby: All the Rage

Breakfast [...]

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a world without mystery is a world without awe

April 21st, 2011 · Comments Off · Uncategorized


Texas Rollergirls
First We Take the Convention Center – austinchronicle
Honeys, Heartbreakers win in Austin – parnold
Texas speeds by Cincinnati – parnold
Whose House? Texies’ House – austinchronicle
  The Free-Wheeling World of Roller Derby [video]

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Wouldn’t it just be easier to teach Texans how to read?

December 8th, 2009 · Comments Off · Uncategorized

The joys of corruption – jcarroll
When you confuse yourself with an entire religion, you may have some grandiosity issues.

Electric Skaterland – austinchronicle
Austin births a Roller Derby revolution


The Noughtie List: the 2000s in Review – kottke
The 2009 Good Gift Games – defectiveyeti in themorningnews


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