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Tell him I was too fucking busy– or vice versa.

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CourtVision: The Year in Scoring – grantland

How did Qatar get the World Cup? – reddit

A’s roster a modern marvel – espn
The Definitive Case of Whether the A’s or Giants Once Controlled San Jose – bizofbaseball
Erroneous Story Claiming Houston Astros Most-Profitable Ever A Massive Strikeout – forbes
The art of scoring [...]

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if i had all of the answers and you had the body you wanted would we love with a legendary fire?

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Stadiums Cost Taxpayers Extra $10 Billion – bloomberg
What’s a Name Worth? – thesportseconomist

The Art of Pitch Framing – grantland
Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris And Jim Gentile: The Story Of Baseball’s Forgotten 1961 Sensation – thepostgame
Bryce Harper: A swing of beauty – washingtonpost
Money on the Bench – nytimes
What are [...]

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Baseball is all about the acronyms and the link to other acronyms

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Organizational Architecture of College Sports Behind the Scandals
Maintaining a Credible Threat – thesportseconomist

Is Your Team’s Owner a Major League Asshole? – motherjones
Segura’s baserunning adventures [video] – mlb
MLB uniforms 2013 – flipflopflyball
Can money buy baseball glory? [interactive] – latimes
Team-building with Billy Beane and Theo Epstein – providencejournal
Why the [...]

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a cardboard cutout crossed with an Etch A Sketch

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Mad About the Cost of TV? Blame Sports – theatlantic

The Screwball Economics of Major League Baseball – miaminewtimes
The rise and fall of A-Rod – jposnanski   nbcsports
Depth, Platoons, and Versatility: (yet another) New “Moneyball” – athleticsnation

What Are the Falcons Worth to Atlanta? – thesportseconomist

    DrB 2005 mix flashbacks:
     Monochrome [...]

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The overwhelming, driving bias of the US media is subservience to power, whoever happens to be wielding it.

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9 Out Of 10 Americans Are Completely Wrong About This Mind-Blowing Fact [video] – upworthy
The benefits of increased productivity over the last 35 years have not gone to the middle class [chart] – stateofworkingamerica
Before Greed: Americans Didn’t Always Yearn for Riches – bostonreview
An Embarrassment of Riches: Literature and the Ethics of [...]

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The trouble with ignorance is that it picks up confidence as it goes along.

February 22nd, 2013 · Comments Off · Uncategorized

Soccer’s New Match-Fixing Scandal – grantland

Morning Glory: Bak Bak’s search for a home – dailycal
A Film Analysis of Sonny Dykes’ Diamond Formation, Part One: The Numbers Game
A Film Analysis of Sonny Dykes’ Diamond Formation, Part Two: Baiting the Defense – californiagoldenblogs

The 12-6 Self-Awareness of Barry Zito: Getting A Grip and [...]

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a little more cruising down the highway, and a little less doing crystal meth on New Year’s

October 31st, 2012 · Comments Off · Uncategorized

   Spotlight on the WFTDA: 2012

  Super Bowl L: Mayor Lee Makes Dubious Claims of Economic Boost – sfweekly

  Alternative Ownership Models on Display in Soccer – sportseconomist

  High-Speed Video Clips from the 2012 NLCS and World Series – physicsofbaseball
  An Analysis of Hunter Pence’s “Triple Double” – physicsofbaseball
  Pitching Grips – How To [...]

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It’s only class warfare when poor people do it.

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One Race, Every Medalist Ever – nytimes

NCAA: Posturing and Power-Grabbing – thesportseconomist
Supply and Demand 1, Gary Bettman 0 – thesportseconomist

  The (Subjective) Art Of Keeping Score – baseball-prose
  GifCap, Eric Chavez: “Hey. Hey. Hey! Ooooh…” – chadmoriyama

  Cal vs. Nevada Post-Mortem Analysis – californiagoldenblogs
  Cal’s Two-Back Read-Option–A Play Analysis – californiagoldenblogs
  Rewinding [...]

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I went bankrupt in two ways, gradually and then suddenly.

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Collapsing U.S. credibility – ggreenwald   salon
Dilbert at the Bank
How Jamie Dimon hid the $6 billion loss – fortune
UBS Issues Hyperinflation Warning For US And UK, Calls It Purely “A Fiscal Phenomenon” – zerohedge
Man who ran World Bank calls for bankers to face the music – independent
Court orders SEC [...]

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Nobody here but us not-spring chickens.

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  Two new DrBeeper 2012 samplers :
    Kappa5   [download]
Continuing down the 2012 path

    Kappa6   [download]
2012, step by step by step

2002 : Bubble Town
2004 : Let the games begin
2005 : Thor rolls a joint
2011 : The Electric Dock Ellis Acid Test

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