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Entries from April 30th, 2012

a life in which you have permission to behave badly and with no consequences — permission that most people cannot handle

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Fix income inequality with $10 million loans for everyone! – S. Bair   washingtonpost
Productivity, The Miracle of Compound Interest and Poverty – michael-hudson
Debts that can’t be paid, won’t be
Mitt Romney, American Parasite – villiagevoice
Top Fed Official: “The Moment Is Now” to Break Up Big Banks – pbs
Great news: “Too [...]

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We are defending ourselves, against the citizens who insist on keeping their rights and their principles.

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  New DrBeeper 2012 mix :
    Can’t talk now with my mouth full of love   [download]
Yeah c’mon!

2005 : CA Budget Challenge
2006 : In Praise of Loopholes
2011 : Film from Baseball’s Past

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totally uninformed and with no motive beside sincere curiosity

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  New DrBeeper 2012 mix :
    Considered Cool: Live Spoon   [download]
Tasty collection of live Spoon tracks

  DrBeeper 2009 mix flashback :
    Hot Pockets! : Spoon live in 2008   [download]
  DrBeeper 2005 mix flashback :
    Believing is Art : Spoon live 2004-2005   [download]

DrBeeper.com is 11 years old today!!

2009 : New and [...]

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What if we reworked the rhyme scheme so that your lines come to multiple feminine endings?

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Kleptones – Come Again
Matt Hudgins & His Shit-Hot Country Band – The Hitmaker
Ween – Voodoo Lady
Asylum Street Spankers – Blade of Grass
Asylum Street Spankers – Leaf Blower
Spoon – Peace Like a River (paul simon)
Son Lux – Break
Kid Loco- Three Feet High Reefer
The Kleptones – Potato Salad

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Sometimes you’ve got to say please

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using Ambien to help you fall asleep is like shaving your legs with a lawnmower

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The myth of the eight-hour sleep – bbc
Why video games are good for you. – straightdope

  New DrBeeper 2012 sampler :
    Avoid: Dogmatism, Lazyness, Overwork   [download]
Universal Year 4


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Fortunately, with TiVo brand fun, I can just record the show and skip all the annoying moments of high tension.

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  Bay Area butchers help consumers buy and cook for taste and economy
  Halibut, versatile and savory, worth a revisit
  Spoonbread gets a seasonal makeover, California style – sfgate
  Burger au Poivre
  Alsace Beer Battered Fried Onion Rings – hubertkeller


One Hour Per Second
Mark Jenkins

2002 : How Hypnosis Works

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When U love somebody and bite your tongue all you get is a mouthful of blood

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  Billy Beane Spring Training 2012 Interview: Part 1   Part 2 – athleticsnation
  To Shift or Not To Shift – actasports
  Young Arms and Curveballs: A Scientific Twist – nytimes
  Mets owners make major moves – krosenthal
  Film Study: Creating Pass Rush Lanes & Alleys –
  Film Study: Identifying Coverages & Identifying [...]

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