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Tell him I was too fucking busy– or vice versa.

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CourtVision: The Year in Scoring – grantland

How did Qatar get the World Cup? – reddit

A’s roster a modern marvel – espn
The Definitive Case of Whether the A’s or Giants Once Controlled San Jose – bizofbaseball
Erroneous Story Claiming Houston Astros Most-Profitable Ever A Massive Strikeout – forbes
The art of scoring [...]

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The trouble with ignorance is that it picks up confidence as it goes along.

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Soccer’s New Match-Fixing Scandal – grantland

Morning Glory: Bak Bak’s search for a home – dailycal
A Film Analysis of Sonny Dykes’ Diamond Formation, Part One: The Numbers Game
A Film Analysis of Sonny Dykes’ Diamond Formation, Part Two: Baiting the Defense – californiagoldenblogs

The 12-6 Self-Awareness of Barry Zito: Getting A Grip and [...]

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It’s only class warfare when poor people do it.

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One Race, Every Medalist Ever – nytimes

NCAA: Posturing and Power-Grabbing – thesportseconomist
Supply and Demand 1, Gary Bettman 0 – thesportseconomist

  The (Subjective) Art Of Keeping Score – baseball-prose
  GifCap, Eric Chavez: “Hey. Hey. Hey! Ooooh…” – chadmoriyama

  Cal vs. Nevada Post-Mortem Analysis – californiagoldenblogs
  Cal’s Two-Back Read-Option–A Play Analysis – californiagoldenblogs
  Rewinding [...]

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Think of a number; divide it by 2

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  Superbowl XLV Film Study, Part 1: Aaron Rodgers Knows Best
  Superbowl XLV Film Study, Part 2: Aaron Rodgers Still Knows Best
  Superbowl XLV Film Study, Part 3: Disguising the Defense – hydrotech   californiagoldenblogs
  Debate: College Football Should Be Banned – slate
  Offensive Play: How different are dogfighting and football? (2009) – mgladwell   [...]

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When U love somebody and bite your tongue all you get is a mouthful of blood

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  Billy Beane Spring Training 2012 Interview: Part 1   Part 2 – athleticsnation
  To Shift or Not To Shift – actasports
  Young Arms and Curveballs: A Scientific Twist – nytimes
  Mets owners make major moves – krosenthal
  Film Study: Creating Pass Rush Lanes & Alleys –
  Film Study: Identifying Coverages & Identifying [...]

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we are apparently determined to saw at our own necks until all our heads fall off, thus showing those noses who’s boss.

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First Look: Cal-Texas Holiday Bowl Matchup
Talking Turkey with Burnt Orange Nation: A Holiday Bowl Chat
Film Study: Check-With-Me Option – californiagoldenblogs
Snap Shots: Zach Maynard and the Cal Zone Read – burntorangenation


Proteigon [video] via zefrank
Google Zeitgeist 2011

The MLB Prospect Bubble – rjazayerli   grantland
The Hitters Who Spent [...]

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splitting the difference between truth and beauty

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  Bill’s Map
Hard Drugs – Bad Ideas
Afghan Whigs – Debonair
Joe South – Games People Play
Jenny O – Well OK Honey
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Blue Green Olga
Friends – I’m His Girl
Eric Burdon & War – Tobacco Road
Keepon dancing to Spoon’s – Don’t You Evah

Film Study: [...]

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pop is better at accidental profundity than the intentional kind

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Yellow Dandelions Trump Black Swans & Blue Oceans – mgmtbybaseball
The Shame of College Sports – theatlantic
NCAA Options: More of the Same? – thesportseconomist
BBC Academy: Treatment Room

  HydroTech’s Football Analysis –
1938 Rose Bowl: California -vs- Alabama

Logo Mania: The Evolution Of Every American League Logo From [...]

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I want ego, I need superego, and all I’m getting here is id

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Long Time Coming – austinchronicle
Hustlers win 2011 championship – examiner


Cal Football 2010
Fall Camp: Storylines to watch – dailycal
Training Camp:O-line   D-line   LB   RB   QB   WR   DB   ST   – beartalk
Fall Camp Preview:   O-line   WR/TE   RB   QB   D-line [...]

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Only in fairy tales do people walk off into the sky. Real people fall.

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The Bear Essentials: 10 Things Every Cal Fan Must Know – californiagoldenblogs

  Brian Eno explores the melody of the spoken word – latimes
  40 Noises That Built Pop – wordmagazine
  Suppressed Report Found Busted Pirate Site Users Were Good Consumers – torrentfreak
  Hollywood is about to repeat the catastrophic mistakes [...]

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