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our treatment of our most vulnerable citizens is a measure of our dignity as a society

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State-Wrecked: The Corruption of Capitalism in America – dstockman   nytimes
Cruel and Unusual Punishment: The Shame of Three Strikes Laws – mtaibbi   rollingstone
Drug Offenses, Not Violent Crime, Filling Up Federal Prisons – ibtimes
U.N. rights chief calls for closure of Guantanamo prison
As It Spied on Occupy Wall Street, Department of [...]

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Sometimes you’ve got to say please

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equal parts poetry, platitude and bunkum

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BP’s Shock Waves – mtiabbi   rollingstone
The BP Cover-Up – motherjones
    The 15 Biggest Oil Spills
    What’s Good for BP
The Role of Government and The Foreclosure Crisis – tpmcafe
Wall Street Strikes Again: Sewer Hikes in Alabama   prev – mtiabbi   rollingstone
The money trail – jcarroll   sfgate
Why Do [...]

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every molecule in your body was, at one time, in the center of a giant star

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If It Was My Home: Visualizing the Gulf Spill
Infographic: Tallest Mountain to Deepest Ocean Trench – ouramazingplanet
The Gulf Coast oil spill’s Dr. Doom – money
Did nature clean up most of the Exxon Valdez oil spill? – straightdope
Exxon Valdez lawyer still fighting for clients – cnn
An Unnatural Disaster – nytimes

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