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if you’re too close you can’t see where you are

June 20th, 2001 · No Comments · Manila Home Page Archive

What’s the frequency Kenneth?

The folks at 1tek.com seem to find me all right.

Too bad they don’t offer me a job…


What Would Jenna Drink?

Big Brother, GPS style

Wizards and Metrostars to play in Merconorte Cup

Holy Panties !!!!!
(via PreSurfer)

“A mental health counselor tells of a man who was having his teeth pulled two at a time, because each visit meant a new Oxy prescription.”
“… has known people to shoot themselves for a prescription…”

(the cookie problem is a bitch here, I know. Click on any AP source, then back, then refresh. Oh, shut the fuck up, it’s worth it.)

Scorecard Palm beaming stations at PacBell Park

Open source update to MP3 format.
– It’s little, but it’s too late.

“…more positions are available than can possibly be filled
– well, the crack must be good, even if the economy isn’t

Who say’s cold food won’t kill you?
Not La Scala in LA…

A brief (hey!) history of oral sex
(via RobotWisdom)


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